Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Heart: Lolas Room Photography

One thing I am utterly in love with right now is Lolas Room Photography by Cassia Beck. Where do I begin? Her vintage inspired photos are downright enchanting and whimsical. She photographs everything from vintage typewriters and telephones, to delectable looking cupcakes and sugary confections, to girls dressed in pretty shoes with pastel tights. It was so hard for me to choose what photographs I liked best. For me it was her Self Print with the mint colored tights (of course), but I can't just stop there. I added her to my Etsy favorites right away and will definitely be stopping by for more of her photography in the near future.

Other Favorites

Ring Ring by Cassia Beck

Click on anyone of the links below the pics to check out these photos or on the title of this post to check out all of Cassie's Work in her Etsy store Lolas Room. Pictures were used with consent of the creator, Cassia Beck. Thanks Cassia!


  1. Love the sweet shop photo! I want samples of those yummy goodies.

  2. Haha this really IS a small world! Wow.
    I am also such a huge fan of Cassia Beck. He photography is amazing. She certainly has her own style and I love it.

  3. These photos are gorgeous, I love the soft pastel colours!

  4. Thank you very much for featuring my work, your blog is beautiful!
    You made my day!


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