Monday, April 29, 2013

Susie Bird

Dress: Vintage via The Braided Bandit Vintage
Hat, Earrings, Bag: Vintage // Thrifted
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Seychelles

After a very full week of running around like a wild banshee, this gal is ready to take some serious downtime. My impromptu trip to Philly was a success, 9 floral hair pieces (crowns and clips) were carefully crafted for my friend's bridal party (me included), and speaking of the wedding itself - it was quite a delightful celebration filled with love, laughter, and plenty of dancing - but now I am quite tuckered, so bring on the R&R!   On the agenda this week: finally getting my hands dirty and planting some veggies in my community garden plot, painting the baby's nursery (hint hint to the Mr.) and our wee little band playing a show on Friday night.  

As for what I am wearing - well, I found this sweet little number of a dress over at my fellow Flock Together gal Hannah's shop, The Braided Bandit Vintage.  Right away I knew it had to be mine because not only did the little leopard print collar tickle my fancy, but it reminded me of my grandmother who was the biggest leopard enthusiast I ever knew.  Yes that's right, Susie, loved her leopard prints - she had dresses, blouses, bags, jewelry, scarves, I think even shoes adorned in leopard.  She had leopard all around the house as well - throws, pillows, sheets, you name it!  All her life she had such a bold and elegant sense of style - and she always appreciated mine which is why I do believe we were kindred spirits.  Anyhow, she passed away two years ago and with that I felt like a piece of my heart went with her...but not to be sad, I know she is always close to me.  In a funny way, every time I slip on this little dress, I can hear her so sweetly say in her boisterous German accent, "Oh I LOVE that dress Marisa".  Above is a photo of her in one of her many leopard printed pieces circa the 1960s. 

That's all for now!  Have one fantabulous week darlings!

Love Bunches, 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Into the Sunset

Hello there darlings! 

 I'm currently in the City of Brotherly Love working my little tail off on several projects for my friend's wedding this weekend. In the meantime, you can find me nesting over at Cuddly Cacti chatting randomness of creamsicles and sunsets. Pop on over and say hello if you do please :-) Perhaps I'll see you there! 

xo Marisa

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Big Three-O

Dress: Asos Maternity (Sale)
Hat, Necklace & Bag: Vintage // Thrifted
Blouse & Tights: Target
Shoes: DIY (here)

Oh hello there darlings!

I'm on my 30th week of pregnancy and I can see now that this is the homestretch.  It's honestly hard to believe.  To tell you the truth, I'm so excited but extremely nervous at the same time.  I've been through the whole labor thing before and came out like a champ,  but nonetheless,  I have the tendency to be a "nervous nelly" and worry my pretty little head off about everything that surrounds giving birth...does that make sense?  In the very back pocket in my mind though I know that everything will be ok, just as it always is. 

This week I am craving veggies - carrots and roasted beets mainly.  My tummy has really popped out now and getting up and down from the couch is something I tend to need extra help with...hehe.  

Other than that, I'm out of town again - this time in Philly, but only for a couple days.  When I return, one of my very good friends is getting married and I am in the wedding.  Busy is not a word good enough to describe our lives right now - but that is quite alright.  May will bring a much more restful month and plenty of flowers to go along with that.

So I bid you adieu for now, but hope to catch up with you very soon!  Have one loverly week my friends!

Love Bunches, 

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Scoop

Happiest Monday Darlings!

In the mood for something a little sweet today?   Come visit me over at Flock Together where I'm donning this tasty treat of dress.  Perhaps I'll see you there :-)

One more little tidbit of sweetness....Sarah of Whimsical Mumblings started the Give a Little Love Project and what a cute idea it is indeed!  If you fancy sending and receiving sweet little packages in the mail, JUMP HERE to find out more.

Talk soon!
xo, Marisa Noelle

Friday, April 19, 2013

Go Dog Go

Cardigan: Jessi's
Dress: Miss Selfridge (2010)
Hat: Vintage // Thrifted
Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Clarks

Happiest Friday darlings!

I'm off this weekend to judge music at a fine arts festival again.  Anything involving music never tires me, even if I am lacking a bit of sleep these days.  Thank goodness for some good ol fashioned singing and strumming to soothe the soul and ease a tired mind.  I'm pretty stoked and rather happy to get a little change of scenery, if only for a couple days. 

Speaking of a change of scenery, last time I was in my hometown city, the lovely
Jessi of Haircut & General Attitude did a Flock Together swapperoo with me and sent this pretty lil poodle cardi over my way.  Can a gal ever wear enough cutesy-tootsy animal prints like this?  I think not!  

So that's just that.  Off to pack I go.  With animal prints on my mind, I think I may just go the way of the leopard today :-).  We shall see!

Have one merry merry happy weekend!

Love Bunches, 

Psst - My sponsor Stranger Bird Vintage is holding a giveaway to her lovely shop if you become an admirer right HERE.  Head over to her Facebook page for additional details.  Best of luck!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight on Chez Violette & Stranger Bird Vintage

Hello Darlings,

As we are half way through the month of April already (hard to believe, right?), I wanted to introduce you to two of my very sweet sponsors this month.  Both shop owners with two uniquely enchanting Etsy storefronts and all around loverly gals...
Chez Violette is a French craft addict who designs and handmades rustic textile decoration and romantic accessories. She loves natural colors, beautiful fabric, vintage buttons, artisanal wool and crocheted lace. In all those creations, you find a little spirit from France : lavender from Provence, French toile, regional artisanal wool, vintage or artisanal ceramic button. 


Have you ever found a real gem while you were thrifting - something gorgeous and lovely that you just can't bear to leave behind, even if it's not your size or style? After falling in love like this way too many times, I decided it was time to share! Every item I list is something that I would be proud to wear myself, if only I had the closet space.  When I'm not out hunting for vintage lovelies with my composer husband, I can usually be found reading with our little girl or practicing folk songs on my uke.

Catch up with you soon!
Love Bunches, 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Hat, Dress, Sweater, Bag, Brooch: Vintage // Thrifted
Tights & Shoes: Modcloth

I'm truly loving up these longer days.  I think overall it puts me in a much more cheery mood.  Not that I'm a grump (well...sometimes, maybe), but sunshine and flowers just instantly put a smile on my face.  This weekend was bliss.  I bought a plot at the community garden and cannot wait to plant basil, peppers, spinach, and who knows what else.  We made several trips to get water ice...because it's what baby is asking for as of all the time.  I planted flowers outside my door ...even though the cold made them wilt a bit, I am still loving them.  And lastly, my sister and her hubs along with one of our friends came up for a visit which meant a delicious shrimp taco dinner with spicy quinoa stuffed avocados, fresh fruit with homemade whipped cream, and of course truffles.  I'm telling you, I don't lead a fancy life by any's rather normal, but I do consider it to be a blessed one.  

I'm 29 weeks in and feeling all sorts of spring fever.  Hooray for that!  Wishing you a spot of spring fever too darlings!

Love Bunches, 

Friday, April 12, 2013


Dress: Modcloth
Hat: Vintage // Antique Mall
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Not so very much to say today darlings except for that for some reason I felt like a girl scout in this outfit - and at my age, most would probably say that's not a great thing.  Do I care?  No, not at all.  Things like Samoas and Thin Mints have surely been on my brain as of late (I tell you, these sugary cravings are killing me), so I guess getting dressed lent itself to being a subliminal sort of thing.  

Anyhow, I'm on truffle duty again this weekend and several of you have asked me for the recipe -so it shall make an appearance some time very soon.  Enough truffle talk, Leah from We Live Upstairs,  a fella Flock Together gal, sent this too cute to boot heart print blouse over my way - so in typical fashion, I paired it up with another print and called it a day.  Hearts and hydrants - I feel like I should be a character on Sesame Street saying, "brought to you by the letter H".  I'm in a gibberish mood, can you tell?  

Other than that, the Mr. and I have been trying to capture as many small moments in these busy days as we can to go on walks and eat plenty of water ice.  I love these small moments.  Life has been chaotic and I can't wait for it to settle down a bit before the baby arrives.  Love is surely infinite, now if only these small moments of slowing down and taking some time to ourselves could be too.  

Cheers to laughing, loving, and enjoying the little things in life.

Love Bunches, 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dress: c/o eShakti
Blazer: Forever 21
Scarf & Bag: Vintage // Thrifted
Necklace: Modcloth
Shoes: Poetic License via Zulily


Hello there darlings,

April has proven itself to be one busy little beaver of a month for me.  I came off the weekend of a bridal shower that I helped plan for one of my very good friends and the little British tea party theme that we had really went off like a big hit....not to toot my own horn, but I think I can safely say that my Nutella truffles did too :-).  So much that I was asked to make them again for another one of my friend's baby showers this weekend.  Perhaps I shall make a business of this...The Truffle Queen?  Oh, just kidding.

Anyhow, I recently came home to a package from eShakti and was it ever a ray of sunshine on that rainy day.  This little Adelaide Dress - what can I say about it?  It was the double scalloped collar and buttercup yellow that really drew me in.  (I'm feeling a song coming on...Build Me Up Buttercup, anyone?)  Just like the previous dress I received from them - I was completely pleased with the quality and fit which is saying a lot considering that I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and dresses can really be a hit or miss for me at this stage in the game.  I had the measurements on this little beauty customized for my baby belly, giving me much more room to grow so I can continue to wear it through my pregnancy.  I figured once I'm back to my post baby body, I can just have it sized down because truly this is a dress I will want to wear for seasons to come.  

So that is that.  The weather has been slightly warmer and very windy but nonetheless, the little fam and I are taking every opportunity we can to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  I just can't wait for spring weather to be in full force here on my side of the mountain.

Hope your week is full of sunshine too!

Love Bunches, 

*This post was sponsored by eShakti. Although I received this product in exchange for review,  the opinions I expressed in this post are my own.


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