Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Outfits: Frosted Donut

 Outfit Details:
Sweater: Target
Blouse: Vintage for sale in shop
Skirt: Gap
Hat: eBay
Bag & Belt: Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Hello darlings, 

I'm back after a very long weekend of Fine Arts festivalling (yes I realize this is not a word), and extremely thrilled to report that my teams made it on to the next level of the festival which is held in early spring.  Hooray!  Of course there is plenty of work to be done to get my drama teams in ship-shape, but for now I am taking the week to decompress and take it very slow.  For me this means catching up on some of my favorites (Downton Abbey anyone?) and drinking lots of cups of rose tea under mounds of blankets because this 30 degree below windchill is not not my flavor...but you know what is?  Frosted donuts!  I'm staring at this one on my sweater right now wishing that I was feasting on it's sugary goodness.  Oh my!

As for everything else, my oldest little man turned five and a batman themed celebration we did have!  It's hard to believe that I have a 5 year old on my hands now.  Geezoo, time does fly.  

So that is it.  I'm pretty dull and boring at the moment and perfectly content to crawl under that blanket that is calling my name and watch Lord Grantham in action.  Haha, call me a nut, but I totally have a crush on him!

Until next time...
Love Bunches,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Outfits: Wise Owl

Outfit Details:
Dress & Hat: Modcloth, gift from the Mr.
Shoes & Bag: Thrifted

Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's weekend darlings! 

This time of year always finds me a bit preoccupied and far far away from the internet as I'm busy as a honey bee.   For me it's Fine Arts season - which means I'm up to my hats writing dramas and working with students on both drama and musical presentations for a local Fine Arts Festival we participate in.  Definitely a tad grueling as students have been in and out of my house almost every day of the week for the past month or so, but more so, a whole lot of fun and creativity blooming is on my side of the mountain, so I simply could not complain.   Yes, I do love this time of year despite the mounds of snow that sit in my front yard.  

Anyhow, these days find me craving comfort & practicality over cuteness, donning oversized sweaters, boots, and skinnies rather than the normal dress and tights uniform I tend to gravitate to quite frequently. Um yeah, it's rather hard to be teaching students drama parts in a dress when you are up and down, bending over, crawling on the ground...etc etc.  No one needs a free show - especially 13 year old boys...yikes.  However on days out and about I will take the opportunity to slip into a dress - and this owl print one is really taking the cake for me as of late.  Thanks to the Mr. who picked it out for me last year as one of my bday gifts.  

Enough chit chat.  The weekend is here and I'm ready to celebrate.  How about you?

Catch up with you later!
Love Bunches, 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Remix: The Traveling Fox

Hello darlings!

Until next time,

Friday, January 16, 2015

Outfits: Macaron

Hat & Bag: Thrifted, Vintage
Necklace: UO
Tights: Target
Shoes: Poetic License

So this is how I celebrated my birthday, which was two months ago, btw (notice the leaves on the trees-I cry).  Downtown Philly, a French restaurant for lunch, afternoon strolling around Rittenhouse Park, perusing the 4 story Anthropologie, and stopping off for some macarons at my very favorite little cafe.  Yes, it's rather dreamy and rather special and out of the ordinary for me as this mom spends her days in a quiet little mountainside town chasing after two boisterous little fellas, making grilled cheese sandwiches and playing superheros.  (I wouldn't change that for the world, might I add).

Anyhow, to ring in year 34 - yes, I said it...I am 34, I was rather thrilled to have recieved this swap and delight of a dress from The Soubrette Brunette, herself.  I'm naturally drawn to bright cheery colors so this was the dress to celebrate in.  Fancy that it matched my chocolate earl grey macaron too.  Yum!

So that's just that.  The weekend is here and I have a little DIY project up my sleeve.  Perhaps I'll share it with you, as long as no one loses an eye...ha.

Happy Friday darlings!
Love Bunches, 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Outfits: Sly as a Fox

Welcome to 2015 darlings!

I know, I know, we are already a week into the new year so I am a bit late to the game with the welcomes and all, but I decided to go completely off the grid this holiday season and just savor every little moment of sugar plum goodness with the fam sans time in front of the screen.

Let's chat now.  How were your holidays?  Mine were swell.  Christmas is always my favorite time of year - what can I say?  I'm a sucker for traditions and oodles of family time, so that is just what I got. Christmas Eve always kicks off with a traditional German meal and Christmas morn sees our family around the table gobbling up my mom's famous french toast (this time made with panatone), topped with creme anglaise and fresh berries.  Oh and of course, I couldn't leave out the homemade sticky rolls and mimosas.   Yep, my mouth is watering now too.   Afterwards the Christmas story is read and the presents are opened and the day is just perfect in my book.

Hat: Modcloth (gift from mom)
Purse & Shoes: Vintage
Necklace: Vintage, belonged to grandmother
Tights: Anthropologie

Speaking of presents, it was super nice to arrive home to this little dress in my mailbox that Sheinside, so kindly sent my way.  I'm all into comfort these days as I chase an 18 month old around on a daily basis, so I was pleased as Christmas punch to find out that this was super soft and cozy (and good quality-thicker than it looks) just as I had hoped it to be.  It fit me like a dream too, to boot (though I will add that it's very short, so this gal, who is only 5'2, by the way had to wear shorts underneath to prevent anyone from getting a free show if the wind decided to blow her way).  Other than that, I will fully admit that I picked this little beauty out because I've been wishing to snag up a collared fit and flare type dress after seeing "What If" with Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan - who wears a blue one that is similar.  On a side note - if you like cutesy cute movies, I would totally recommend that one.  Um, yeah I do have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe (it's the blue eyes and British accent), but now I have a gal crush on Zoe Kazan as well, seriously though. 

(If you love this dress to - you can snag it up HERE. It just went on sale!! And for the record, I sized up since sizing runs small, which boded well for me)

So that's just about all.  It's a negative degree nightmare out there right now, so a cup of rose tea and fleece blankets are calling my name.  Wishing you one lovely week my friends.
Love bunches, 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Outfits: Gingerbread Man

Sweater: Gap
Purse & Hat: Vintage
Tights: Target
Boots: Michael Kors via Marshall's

Hello and happiest Friday before Christmas darlings!

It's hard to believe that this is the last weekend before Santa Claus comes to town (wink wink).  This girl really need to get on the ball and get all her Christmas shopping done, that's for sure!  How about you?  I'm not sure what has happened, but I'm really late to the game this year.  True story, the Mister and I hung our Christmas lights up outside on our front porch yesterday!  Hey, better late than never, right?

So as the week is filled with caroling, holiday parties, baking, and watching Christmas movies...(White Christmas, anyone?), I couldn't help but want to deck myself out in browns and dress like a gingerbread man.   See what I mean?  Just kidding, just kidding....but kind of not.  I can thank my fella Flock Together gal Katie, of Butterfly Love Snapdragons for sending this polka dot cutie of a blouse my way for a wee while to swap.  And you bet your bottom dollar that I layered it to the max because it was like the coldest day ever on my side of the mountain which I guess made me feel like some kind of Frosty the Snowman/Gingerbread Man hybrid.  Now go grab the gingerbread how and let me start frosting!

So in these days leading up the best time of the year, what are you darlings up to and what are you baking?  This gingerbread woman, and her sweet tooth would love to know.

Love Bunches,

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Velveteen Bunny

Blazer, Bag & Hat: Thrifted Vintage
Scarf: Etsy
Tights & Shoes: Modcloth

Oh hi there darlings!

Christmas is right around the corner now, and with that comes trimming the tree, baking the cookies, and thinking about holiday dressing.  That's right - I get pretty darn excited every Christmas Eve to dress up - for dinner, for church, you know - the whole shebang.  Anyhow, this year I was over the moon when asked me to pick a piece from their holiday collection to wear and review and well - here I am, happy as an elf.  

My eye was immediately drawn to this floral velveteen skater style beaut - um, hello there gorgeous.  It actually reminded me of this vintage piece I had in my possession a while back - which I reluctantly sold.  So how amped was I that a similar piece made it's way into my closet once again.  

As always - I am quite fond of eShakti and the quality of their dresses.  This one was no exception.  It's full - lined skirt and decorative gold zipper down the back are details I especially love on this piece.  Though one thing I do have to mention - in the past I always took the customization route when ordering from their site.  They actually encourage you to do this as you plug in all your measurements when checking out.  However, this time around - I ordered a standard medium.  I figured that since I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I wouldn't need to customize will all my exact measurements since I tend to wear a medium or size 6 across the board.  Eeh.  As I am small-boned but still very curvy in the bust and hips - I found that this medium (which eShakti actually considers a size 8), was slightly big in my shoulders.  It's not so much of a big deal to me as the dress fit awesome otherwise - but since customizations are offered, I will in the future be taking full advantage of plugging in my exact measurements.  I would definitely recommend doing so if you happen to be short/petite like me.  

** Unfortuniately this particular dress is currently sold out on their site...which is no surprise to me!  You can however check out the rest of's holiday collection right here.  There this LBD dress with a deer on the front of it that I am particular smitten with as well (see here).

That's all for now darlings!  As the holidays near, I intend to wear this lovely with sheer tights, pretty heels, and perhaps a floral crown - but for now as I am running out for coffee with the Mr. and kiddos, so I layered it up with a blazer, slouchy hat, and circle scarf because, baby, it's cold outside!

What will you be wearing for the holidays?

Talk soon...Love bunches, 


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