Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lost in Mint & Music

Hello Darlings,
Follow me on over to Flock Together today where it's all about mint, music, and my Mr.

Perhaps I'll see you there!
Marisa Noelle

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dirt Girl

Dress (Skirt): Vintage - Kickstarter gift via Chantilly Songs
Hat, brooch, shoes: Thrifted
Vest: TJ Maxx
Bag: UO

In my spare time these days I really have loved taking care of my little plot at our community garden. My most recent trip sent me home with plenty of mint and basil and some wee little peppers that packed quite a powerful kick to them.  Veggie chili anyone?

Anyhow, this week finds me taking a short road trip off to see The Lumineers.  I cannot wait!  So there you have it - there's much to do before we leave, so off I must go.

Talk soon darlings!
Love bunches, 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Simplicity

Bag, & Scarf: Vintage
Top (Dress): UO
Shoes: Seychelles

Oh hello there darlings,

Pardon little ol me as I soak up plenty of easy breezy summer moments in the quiet and in the sunshine.  Seems to me that my blogging skills have much to be desired as of late - blame it on a Mac that bit the dust (borrowing someone else's has me a wee bit out of sorts) and well just really taking in every sweet moment with my new little guy.  Life is very simple at the moment and very crazy at the same time and I am savoring it all!  Tonight may just find me with the boys and the Mr. down by the lake and later topped off by a sorbet in hand.  Now I feel like breaking out into Natalie Merchant's "These the Days"...did I just age myself by saying that...ha!   So that's just that - summertime calls my friends!

Talk soon!
Love bunches, 
Marisa Noelle

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Dress: Miss Selfridge (2010)
Blazer, brooch: Thrifted // Vintage
Hat & Socks: UO
Shoes: The White Pepper - c/o Chictopia

Hello, hello, 

This past week has proven to be a bit topsy turvy for me to say the least.  The Mr., Clayt and I, and Keane are spread out between three different homes leaving us all feeling a bit like vagabonds.  As the modern convenience known as central air decided to poop out on us and our home, living in a 90+ degree oven of a house is just not what this gal wants for her newborn or toddler - so the Mr. is the one toughing it out all by his lonesome at the homestead while mama and baby are dwelling at the parent's house and Keane at the inlaws.  

We all miss each other terribly but other than that there's no complaints.  The boys are getting in quality time with their grandparents and this mama is quite enjoying herself as well.  Hanging out with family which includes late night ice cream runs as well as dining out Greek is certainly not anything to gripe about...hehe.  

Anyhow, living out of a suitcase for a couple weeks when you only packed for one always proves to be an adventure.  This is what I conjured up.  And that's just that.

Have one fine week darlings!
Love bunches, 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anchors Away

Skirt (dress): Modcloth
Hat: UO
Scarf, bag, shoes: Thrifted/Vintage

Hello hello darlings!

Fancy meeting you here today.  Slowly but surely, the Mr. and I are settling into our new routine of having a second little cherub added to the mix of things.  It's definitely an adjustment (hence the reason for wearing my trusty boater hat ALL the time) - but a fun one indeed.  It's amazing how much energy one can muster up when you are in a total state of baby bliss.

Anyhoo, this week finds me taking a wee holiday at my parents house with the two kiddos - you know grandparents - they just love to spoil the grandkids, so here we are!  Before the Mr. left to go back home to work (poor guy), we spent a couple hours out and about and alone - so we grabbed some tea at Starbucks and meandered to the old stomping grounds of where my grandparents used to live to poke around a bit and catch some quiet time.  

In more random news: with the Fourth of July peeking it's nose around the corner, I jumped on the red, white, and blue wagon a few days early and sported my anchor printed peter pan collar top that Oasap let me pick out a few days early.  I love it....nuff said.  I'm the biggest sucker for anything nautical.  So with that being said - Happy Fourth of July a little early to all you darlings here in the States.  Enjoy yourselves plenty of grilled goodness and fireworks!

Chat soon!
Love Bunches, 


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