Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Craft Room: Gumball Machine Style Candy Dish: Easter Candy Edition

Hello there darlings,

Well Friday is in full force and so is this Fine Arts Competition that I am judging at.  It's been quite a busy week, but just in time for Easter (for all you out there that love candy eggs and jelly beans and anything else sugary and pastel), here's a simple little craft some friends and I got together and worked on several weeks back.  I was quite thrilled with how mine turned out...and it really didn't take long to make at all.  So get ready to satisfy your sweet-tooth and make the cutest little candy dish ever :-)

 How I made it:

Steps 1:  

 - Remove all price tags from your flower pot, making sure the sticky residue is completely off, then paint the whole pot along with the saucer in the color(s) of your choice.  I used acrylic paint & a small paintbrush.  Allow the paint some time to dry.  

 - Paint your wooden knob (Remove the screw on it first).  Again, I used acrylic paint.  Now you are ready to assemble the pieces together.  

Steps 2:

- Turn the pot upside down and coat the top with DAP SuperStik all purpose glue.  Center your round vase right side up onto the pot.  (Make sure you don't go overboard with the glue as you don't want it oozing out of the sides.)  Allow some time to dry.

- Glue your painted wooden knob onto the top of your saucer.

Step 3:

Find some pretty ribbon and tie it around the flower pot, like above.  That's it!

Now fill the bowl with all your pretty easter candy and place that cute little lid on top.  

Easy peasy, right?  Now tell me what you would fill your candy bowl with?  

Catch up with you soon!  Don't forget to enter my $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card giveaway if you haven't done so already.

Love Bunches, 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shabby Apple $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Hello, hello, 

Hope your week is off to one swell start.  It's that time of year again where I leave this town and am off to judge at a statewide fine arts competition for youth.  If you've been reading along, then you may know that I direct a couple drama teams of my own - and they will also be competing in this festival.  It's going to be one busy bee of a week, so since my presence here will be sparse, I thought what perfect time for a giveaway!

Up for grabs is a $50 gift card to   I'm sure many of you have become acquainted with their site and how perfectly darling and vintage inspired all their items are.  If not, then you definitely should.  Follow the directions to enter below (must have a USA shipping address)...and perhaps you could be the one who snatches up a gorgeous little dress or skirt or blouse for yourself :-)

Some of my Shabby Apple favorites

Best wishes darlings!  I shall catch up with you when I return.
Love Bunches,

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Fantastic Fawn

Sweater: Vintage // swapped with Megan of Kiddo TV
Blouse (Dress) & Hat: UO
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Modcloth
Socks: (from high school)
Boots: Thrifted

One thing I absolutely love about the blogging community is that there are so many thrifty gals out there who are more than happy to do a clothing swapperoo in order to change up their wardrobe as well as leave less of a footprint on the planet and save some $ in the process.  Megan of Kiddo TV contacted me awhile back to see if I was interested in sending her this vintage plaid dress of mine for her adorable little fawn sweater....uh YEAH!  I have sooooo many dresses.  The majority of them come from the antique mall, thrift...or that occasional Modcloth/UO sale/splurge.  But truth me told, sometimes I really wish I had more sweaters and blouses and casual pieces in my closet.  In other words,  this of course was a swap made in heaven.  It's freezing cold where I live and probably will continue to stay that way till May, so to add a cute critter sweater to my drawer is purely bliss.

So that my friends, is another swap story.  Perhaps TLC can add that to their afternoon line up...a dating story, a baby story, a makeover story....a swap story, why not?

Cheers to the weekend!  It's finally here :-)

Love Bunches,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is finally here darlings...hooray!  

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Ready advertise your pretty space?   Click here or on the Advertise tab at the top of my page to get started.  

Happiest hump day darlings!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twenty Five

Cardi: Modcloth
Scarf: Vintage//Yard Sale
Necklace: Vintage//Grandmother's
Shoes: Miss L Fire

Oh hello there, 

I won't be doing a pregnancy photo update every week, however I kind of feel like 25 weeks is a milestone.  This week, I will receive my rhogam shot from the Dr. since I have an rh-negative blood type.  Fun times, for sure.  Luckily, I've been through it once already so I know to expect.  Baby boy is moving around A LOT.'s like jumping jacks in my tummy all day and all night.  I feel his little kicks more prominently at night so perhaps this tiny guy will be a night owl like his mama.  Besides for that, I have been craving grapefruit with a nice helping of sugar on top nonstop.  

As for my dress - it's actually a skirt that Kristian from the Flock Together gals kindly sent over my way and I always do quite love a bold black and white piece like this.  I figured it would be better suited for me as a dress given that my baby bump has really been showing itself more and more these days.  You can see how classically pretty. Kristian styled the piece right here.  One warm day so far this year meant bare legs.  Now it's a crying shame that the cozy air did not stick around.  It's snow every day this week for me - anybody here up north want to hit the road and go south with me?  I'm pretty much so done with old man winter.

So if you're stuck in the snow like me, keep warm, drink tea, and cozy up darlings, 

Love Bunches,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Totally Awesome Blog Hop - All Stars Edition

tabh all stars copy

Hello, and welcome to the Totally Awesome Blog Hop!!

This marks the six month anniversary of this amazing blog hop. Our aim has been: broadening circles, encouraging community, and making new friends. We have definitely accomplished all this and more! Because of its success, this blog hop we co-created will be an All-Stars edition. Meaning this time around, there are ten amazing hosts who have all already co-hosted, love it, and want in again!!

As always, the hop will be linked between all ten sites, ensuring everyone's links get seen and clicked. We want our audiences to get to know each other! Our goal is community building between like-minded folks, and this is a place for of people to meet, make friends, and expand their following!

Participation is super simple, although the rules are a little different this time around-

#1 Visit all ten hostesses sites, and follow any four hostesses of your choosing!

Chantilly of ChantillySongs
Alycia of the Curious Pug
Erin of Charlie Foxtrot
Shell of Kitty and Buck
Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn
Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday
Marilyn of Pulp Sushi
Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles
Rachel of Rachel the Hat
Gentri of Gentri Lee

(We promise you will love these blogs, and they are all totally worth getting to know!!)

#2 Link your blog/ website

#3 Visit other sites, follow, and comment

#4 Grab a button & post it on your blog

#5 Post about it on twitter, facebook, and all your social media sites

We love you, and thank you!

Blog hop

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ruling the Rooster

Oh hello there, 

I have felt a bit disconnected from life in general this week as that nasty little pest known as the tummy bug has taken a bite out of me.  Saltines and ginger ale are surely my friends at the moment, but on a brighter note, I do believe things are looking up for the weekend...3 cheers to that!

Happiest weekend to you darlings!  Hope to catch up with you all very soon :-)
Love Bunches,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

24 Weeks

Dress: The Attic People Vintage via eBay (remixed)
Cardigan: Target
Hat & Brooch: Antique Mall
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Seychelles

Hello, hello,

I'm officially 24 weeks into this pregnancy and I think it's safe to say that I no longer fit into most of my skirts and fitted dresses.  It's elastic waistbands and tent style silhouettes all the way for me!  I pulled this retro cutie of a dress out of my closet to accommodate my ever-growing tummy this past weekend when the fam and I headed back to my hometown to attend my cousin's baby reveal party.

If you've never been one of these before - it's a whole party dedicated to finding out the sex of the baby & everyone wears either pink or blue.  My cousin's wife is exactly one month behind me to the day and neither of them knew the sex until they opened this huge box of balloons and ones flew out.  It's a girl!  I'm definitely very excited for my little guy on the way to meet their little lady who will be arriving shortly after.  Cheers to babies all over the place these days :-)

Have a beautiful week darlings!

Love Bunches,


(Photo borrowed from my lil sis <3 font="">

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Old Winter Blooms

Cardi: Modcloth (2010)
Hat: Gift from friend
Flower Pin: Vintage, from grandmother's dress
Tights & Socks: UO
Shoes: Vintage

Oh hello snowflakes.  You seem to be making daily visits as of late.  Tell me darlings, are you still in the midst of winter, or have the spring blooms started to peek their heads out of the ground and trees yet?  I can't tell you how ready I am to be wearing sundresses and kayaking down the lake.  Spring is getting me so very excited - if only it could be here already.  I feel a big celebration coming on - cupcakes anyone?

Anyhow, the very lovely and statuesque Marlen of Messages on a Napkin and Flock Together group so sweetly sent this little beauty of a dress over my way - and of course, I was very eager to wear it.  As for the turquoise flower I'm donning (yes, I realize it's VERY big) - but not so very long ago, I came across this vintage maxi dress from my grandmother and this flower was a part of it.  As my grandmother was tall and slender and I am petite and curvy - sadly the dress was not all too flattering on me, but this oversized flower pin on it was something I could wear to remind me of her.  I quite love wearing something of hers so close to my heart as it makes me feel quite warm on these icy winter days.

Have a cozy and warm Thursday darlings, 

Love Bunches,

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Peppermint Pattys and Cadbury Eggs

This month in the shop is all about minty St. Patty's Day greens and Easter egg blues just in time for all of March's festivities.

Minty Maxi Dress // Blue Belle Peter Pan Collar Blouse // The Garden Party Dress

**In celebration of spring and AllyHoot Vintage's one year anniversary on March 1, receive 25% off with the code "letsparty".**

Catch you tomorrow darlings, 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday I'm in Love

Dress & Tights: Modcloth (2012)
Cardi: Target (2009)
Hat & Scarf: Thrifted Vintage
Shoes: Seychelles

Hello and Happy Monday!

Pardon me here if I'm late to the game on this one, but these photos were taken nearly a month ago when the Mr. and I headed out for the evening on Valentine's day.  Wow, March is here already?!  Definitely no complaints on my end!

So as my tummy grows, I am really loving dresses that have a bit stretch with an a-line cut to them.  This particular one worked perfectly for me because all of a sudden the bump has emerged out of nowhere...hehe.   I'm not much for maternity clothing (though I will admit I picked up a couple pieces from Asos that were on sale), so finding dresses like this in my closet and babydoll ones at the thrift has been my mission lately.  I'm pretty darn determined to not spend a load on clothing that I will only be wearing for several months.  Fingers crossed.  We shall see where this adventure takes me :-)

Other than that - I made a pretty bangin (did I really just type that word?), banana bread this past weekend with dark chocolate and raspberries.  Just saying, because I'm craving it this very moment (no peanut butter and pickles for me.  I have a sweet tooth all the way!)  So that is all - must go cut myself a piece for breakfast.  I bid you a fantastic week darlings!  

Love Bunches,


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