Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burning Through the Rainbow

My goodness was today ever a hot one! Because it was so bloody hot, it was kinda a lax and lazy sort of day. I was tired due to lack of sleep and everything seem to be moving in slow-mo. Argh, Friday couldn't be here soon enough. Luckily my only boost was getting a stellar end of the year evaluation from my boss. Score! (Did I really just say that?) I seriously needed that to make it to 4:00.
So 4:00 finally came around and the day ended with dinner at The Pizza Grille with the fam. This is what I wore:

I'm not a huge fan of anything sleeveless (on me at least) but I just loved this little chambray number so much, it didn't really matter to me. The lacy vintage inspired detailing down the front had me at hello. Once the night cooled off a bit, I threw my jean jacket over this and I liked the look much better, but there was just no chance I was putting a jacket on in this 90 degree weather.

I can never have enough headbands. Seriously, it's an addiction and I don't think a day goes by when I am not wearing something on my head. This particular one is just so unique. I love the mix of fabric, feathers, flowers, and little buttons that adorn it.

A hop, skip, and a jump in my clogs to dinner I go.

Outfit Details:
Dress and Socks: Modcloth
Headband: Etsy
Shoes: Seychelles


  1. great photos here! 90 degree weather must be nice!

  2. It has been SO hot in Brisbane, Australia these past couple weeks and I can't get anything done. I know about the lax and lazy thing. I like your dress!


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