Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twenty Five

Cardi: Modcloth
Scarf: Vintage//Yard Sale
Necklace: Vintage//Grandmother's
Shoes: Miss L Fire

Oh hello there, 

I won't be doing a pregnancy photo update every week, however I kind of feel like 25 weeks is a milestone.  This week, I will receive my rhogam shot from the Dr. since I have an rh-negative blood type.  Fun times, for sure.  Luckily, I've been through it once already so I know to expect.  Baby boy is moving around A LOT.  Seriously...it's like jumping jacks in my tummy all day and all night.  I feel his little kicks more prominently at night so perhaps this tiny guy will be a night owl like his mama.  Besides for that, I have been craving grapefruit with a nice helping of sugar on top nonstop.  

As for my dress - it's actually a skirt that Kristian from the Flock Together gals kindly sent over my way and I always do quite love a bold black and white piece like this.  I figured it would be better suited for me as a dress given that my baby bump has really been showing itself more and more these days.  You can see how classically pretty. Kristian styled the piece right here.  One warm day so far this year meant bare legs.  Now it's a crying shame that the cozy air did not stick around.  It's snow every day this week for me - anybody here up north want to hit the road and go south with me?  I'm pretty much so done with old man winter.

So if you're stuck in the snow like me, keep warm, drink tea, and cozy up darlings, 

Love Bunches,


  1. Of course that is a skirt - you're so damn cute. :) Love to hear about the lil man!!! I found him the CUTEst cardigan the other day. I almost died. I can't wait to send you all of these goodies. I am so enjoying spending more time in the kiddo section at the thrifts. :) Have a lovely week, M. xo

  2. how adorable are you?? love how you're still super stylish with a growing tummy :)

  3. I love how bold it looks and how it looks....rather Ozzie! LOVE it!

  4. How cute you are! And Congratulations!!

  5. congrats! love your writing style, you make me smile. how creative to make Kristian's long skirt into a dress!!!

  6. I love skirts as dresses like this <3 you look so lovely!! And urgh so sick of winter too, it's been horrible in London for far too long!! xx

  7. These weeks are flying by so quickly!!! I can't believe you are more than halfway through the pregnancy already!!!
    What cute shoes!

  8. skirt looks so wonderful as a dress!! I am loving it with that sweater and your awesome headwrap as always. I am so excited that you're doing well and showing off the growing boy! That's good that you kind of know what to expect already so it's not as stressful :) You look gorgeous!

  9. That skirt looks great as a dress! I love stripes! And keep us updated on your pregnancy! It's fun :)

  10. the skirt looks lovely as a dress:-) wish it would stay warm enough for bare legs! xx

  11. Hi there! I have ventured over from another blog where I saw your button. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely!

    I’m hosting a super duper group giveaway, starting tomorrow. Don’t miss out!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  12. oooh marisa darling you look absolutely adorable with your skirt as a dress! i so hope the snow goes away and spring decides to stay :(

  13. You never cease to be darling! I absolutely love that you turned Kristian's skirt into a dress! I didn't even recognize it! And I love this pretty cardigan of yours. Yay 25 weeks!!

  14. whoa wearing a skirt as a dress!? that's such a cool idea! I"m short so I know this could definitely work on me. will definitely have to try this out!!!

  15. adorable saw this look on the Modcloth style gallery and just loved it! loving your new blog design too darling xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  16. I love how you use the skirt as a dress :)
    Hope your little baby boy will calm down and stop jumping too much ;)


  17. first, i love your new blog design! and second, of course this outfit is just too cute. the sweater is so darling! you can never go wrong with anything you put together dear!

    lindsey louise


  18. You look gorgeous in that skirt-dress. And how cute is the squirrel sweater?! Talk about too much snow ... we, like I imagine you too, have had two days of blizzards. Enough already!

  19. What a perfect way to style that skirt! I love the bold stripes and you have to be the cutest lady with a baby bump ever! Now is the time of year where we have to get all the citrus off the trees to make room for next years blossoms, and we are up to our ears in grapefruit! I wish I could have you over for some :)

  20. Urgh! It's still cold here too! The skirt is gorgeous and once again you've found some beautiful and stylish maternity wear that wasn't designed as such, brilliant! You look really lovely! Fingers crossed for Sun soon!! Xx

  21. How did I miss that you are pregnant?! A very belated but very heartfelt congratulations!

  22. I love how you wore Kristian's skirt as a dress! This outfit is just wonderful and probably one of my favorites (although I probably say that a lot). I can't wait to see more updates, you seriously know how to dress your cute baby bump!



    Southern (California) Belle

  23. You always tie scarves so well. Never any frizzing! You look great.

  24. You look so lovely! That dress is amazing and that sweater is adorable! Congrats again!


  25. The skirt as a dress works so well on you! And 25 weeks! It seems like it's happening so fact, probably not to you though?! And I LOVE those shoes!!! So cute

  26. Oh, I have no idea what a Rhogan shot is, but I hope it's not painful!

    That skirt is so elegant and I like the fact that you wore it as a dress ;).

    Sending warm weather your way, hehe! :p

  27. I LOVE kristian's skirt as a dress on you with that pretty little cardi! & it just hit me... 25/4.. holy moly that's over 6 months! you look gorgeous and hope all goes ok w/ the shot. Does it leave you feeling ill after? I'm not sure what that does but do know j's brother had to have a full transfusion at birth because from his dad's blood because of a bad mismatch in blood types. anyway, besides the point we have an extra room in our rental home & are always welcoming visitors over here in sunny AZ : )

  28. I love your style!
    A stripe dress is so cute.



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