Tuesday, March 12, 2013

24 Weeks

Dress: The Attic People Vintage via eBay (remixed)
Cardigan: Target
Hat & Brooch: Antique Mall
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Seychelles

Hello, hello,

I'm officially 24 weeks into this pregnancy and I think it's safe to say that I no longer fit into most of my skirts and fitted dresses.  It's elastic waistbands and tent style silhouettes all the way for me!  I pulled this retro cutie of a dress out of my closet to accommodate my ever-growing tummy this past weekend when the fam and I headed back to my hometown to attend my cousin's baby reveal party.

If you've never been one of these before - it's a whole party dedicated to finding out the sex of the baby & everyone wears either pink or blue.  My cousin's wife is exactly one month behind me to the day and neither of them knew the sex until they opened this huge box of balloons and surprise.....pink ones flew out.  It's a girl!  I'm definitely very excited for my little guy on the way to meet their little lady who will be arriving shortly after.  Cheers to babies all over the place these days :-)

Have a beautiful week darlings!

Love Bunches,


(Photo borrowed from my lil sis <3 font="">


  1. These pictures are so dreamy, I love it. I love the idea of a reveal party - I've never heard of that before! And that little cat brooch is adorable :)

    xox Sammi

  2. What a fun idea for a party! How cute! And I can't even tell - you aren't showing much yet. I lvoe this mustard on yellow outfit going on here - so cute! And seeing you guys around your home is really sweet, it feels like vintage family photos, I love the one of Keane peeking out the glass door

  3. That's a cute idea for a party! Especially since people LOOOOOVE to buy baby clothes as presents. But wait - if neither of the future parents knew if it was a boy or girl, who organized the balloon color?

  4. Cute cute cute! I love the idea of a gender reveal party! And your Keane is the rosiest, cutest boy in PA!

  5. your photographs always have the best color and settings! this party idea is soooo cute!

    lindsey louise


  6. Oh, how fun that there will be two babies born so close to one another!

  7. This dress is darling, I of course love the collar and print! I adore the picture of you and your fam's reflections in the window, how cute is that! That party sounds adorable too, I love the balloon box idea!
    Hope you're staying warm over there, we are getting even MORE snow today, harumph!
    Have a great day!
    xo Hannah

  8. Gosh, I cannot say how happy I am for you!

  9. What a sweet tradition - I'd never heard of it before! You looked really sweet, and now you have an excuse to buy some more pretty vintage tent dresses!


  10. Whoa girl whoa! I didn't know you were preggers!! Congratulations!!

  11. This dress is my idea of vintage perfection! I love it! I've never been to a baby reveal party but it looks like you wore the perfect outfit for the pink balloons :) I bet your lil man is getting so excited to be a brother! My bestie is coming from Italy this week and we are having a baby shower for her Sunday- babies are in the air :) You look lovely!

  12. Your dress screams spring, I love it!
    And you look amazing pregnant :)

  13. Adorable! I love the contrast between the green and the purple! :)


  14. you're looking lovely, that dress is really sweet:-) and i love the reflection photo! xx

  15. This outfit is so very cute! I think pregnancy suits you so well, you are absolutely glowing! I've never been to a gender reveal party but it's such a cute idea ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  16. I love your blog

  17. Aww, I wish I could reach my real-life arms over there to give you a hug. You are just that huggable! xo

  18. Oh my, congratulations! How lovely :)

  19. It is the coordinates that are cute in spring!
    You look good with dresses of the floral design well.


  20. Congratulations!! I love this dress so much; that collar is one of the sweetest ever! Do you have any possible baby names to share?

    If you have the time, I'd really appreciate it if you could pop by my blog where I'm hosting a giveaway for my little vintage etsy store:
    Hill Side Story
    Hill Side Story on FB

    xx Aliya

  21. Ah, so exciting! I can't believe you're this far along already! This dress is gorgeous and looks like the prefect pregnancy piece. And it sounds like you have a good excuse to go shopping... ;)

  22. You're adorable! So happy to have discovered your blog :D

  23. I've heard of gender reveal parties but I love the balloon idea! So cute. And the photos of your little boy are adorable, he has such pretty curly hair! Love this floral dress too, it's perfectly pretty for Spring. And, yay! You're more than halfway there!!

  24. Aww Marisa, I am so so happy for you. What wonderful news! And you are looking cute and lovely as ever. I really love this vintage dress and how you've styled it, you make a look so extra adorable! All ready for spring :) Congratulations again, and keep being your fabulous self!


  25. Awe, you look adorable, Marisa! It must be so exciting to plan everything for the baby to come! :p And I bet Keane must be excited, too, to become a big brother!

    Tight hugs to you and your family!

  26. You look so good I am happy for you :) congrats!! I am sure it will be a little cutie :)

  27. I love that dress, more colourful and cute maternity wear, should I ever feel inclined to be pregnant I'll definitely follow your lead. I love the lilac tights! and the dress is so bright and colourful and of course it's got a very cute collar... those shoes are gorgeous too! xxxx

  28. I didn't know you were having your 2nd baby congrats darling hope you're doing well xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  29. love that pattern! and that collar!

  30. so cute family pics!
    you look amazing as always!

  31. Amazing pics! And beautiful outfit:)


  32. you look adorable!! as always!
    and love the idea of finding out the sex of the baby that way! very unique :)

  33. i just noticed your new header. very cute!

  34. oh i never heard before of that party, but it sounds so nice and fun;) well shame on me i also didn´t know that there is a second little angel on the way!! but i´m really happy for you! and you look adorable in that dress, now at least i know why you look so extremely happy and beautiful ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  35. Congrats to you and love the purple tights in this post!

  36. oh i love that idea! what a fabulous way to find out! just found you via the superstar linkup and now following and loving checking out your blog xxxx

  37. So exiting! I am really happy for you!
    And your new layout is lovely!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  38. Congratulations ! It's amazing ! I love the light and spring colors of this look, it's so fresh !

  39. So happy for you sweetie!
    This is the most perfect dress I have ever seen - stunning!


  40. aww you look so gorgeous and i love that bright cheery dress on you & of course the cute hat. so fun your cousin is having a little one at the same time. do you live near your family? I always think that'd be the best to have little ones grow up w/ lots of family near : ) congrats to your cousin as well!

  41. I don't think you could be anymore cute.



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