Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday I'm in Love

Dress & Tights: Modcloth (2012)
Cardi: Target (2009)
Hat & Scarf: Thrifted Vintage
Shoes: Seychelles

Hello and Happy Monday!

Pardon me here if I'm late to the game on this one, but these photos were taken nearly a month ago when the Mr. and I headed out for the evening on Valentine's day.  Wow, March is here already?!  Definitely no complaints on my end!

So as my tummy grows, I am really loving dresses that have a bit stretch with an a-line cut to them.  This particular one worked perfectly for me because all of a sudden the bump has emerged out of nowhere...hehe.   I'm not much for maternity clothing (though I will admit I picked up a couple pieces from Asos that were on sale), so finding dresses like this in my closet and babydoll ones at the thrift has been my mission lately.  I'm pretty darn determined to not spend a load on clothing that I will only be wearing for several months.  Fingers crossed.  We shall see where this adventure takes me :-)

Other than that - I made a pretty bangin (did I really just type that word?), banana bread this past weekend with dark chocolate and raspberries.  Just saying, because I'm craving it this very moment (no peanut butter and pickles for me.  I have a sweet tooth all the way!)  So that is all - must go cut myself a piece for breakfast.  I bid you a fantastic week darlings!  

Love Bunches,


  1. So cute! I wonder if you could ever post an outfit that I didn't adore...unlikely...the red is perfect!

  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    you're pregnant? marisa! oh em gee! where have i been!?!? CONGRATULATIONS my friend! how friggin exciting! do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet? oh my goodness ahh i'm so happy for you and the mr.!

    also if you need a home for some of your clothes while you're baby is growing i'm your gal ;) i LOVE every outfit you post. my oh my those tights? swoon worthy!

    again congratulations marisa i'm so happy for you!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. The scarf looks lovely like that, and those tights! You always have such surprising and quirky items in your wardrobe! And you are definitely one stylish mum to be ;) xx

  4. Lovely photos and great outfit! I was a sugar fiend while preggers too, and am now really struggling to kick the habit!

  5. Awww such a cute post :) Those cupcakes are adorable, and oh that scarf, what a lovely touch to your outfit! This outfit just makes me smile, you look awesome Marisa!


  6. Wow. Where have I been? You're pregnant? Congratulations! You're going to be one trendy momma-to-be (again).

  7. Congratulations!<3 You look so lovely and glowing, is it because of the expected baby? Love your pictures, that hat looks so cute on you, again!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  8. These photos are so lovely, especially the last two of you and Mr holding cupcakes!
    I am loving this red dress on you, it's gorgeous!! And perfect with that bow! I am so excited to see how you style your changing bump, so happy for you!!!

  9. So beautiful and congratulations, omgosh I don't know how I missed this!!! I'm in love with that dress, so colorful and perfect shape. Those tights are also calling to me...

  10. Never would have thought to put a scarf under the collar like that and it looks great!

  11. That banana bread sounds amazing! I definitely think you can make your closet work for you while you're pregnant, especially because you have so many great a line dresses. I really love the small touches on this outfit too. That scarf and the detail on your tights are downright adorable ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  12. I have no doubt that you'll look fantastic (and really cute) right until the arrival of this very special person who's on his way. And your banana bread sure sounds delicious.

  13. You look beautiful, and I loooove those tights!


  14. That outfit is adorable!! You're always so cute :) I love how you wore the scarf under the collar!


  15. I love the way those tights match your scarf perfectly! They genuinely look like they were from one set. You look stunning here.

    That banana bread sounds incredible. I haven't had banana bread in such a long time and now I really fancy making some.

    Thank you you for your lovely comment on my blog. It makes me very happy. Sorry to hear you get the weird neighbours as well! Once an old lady opened her window to tell me I was 'crazy' 'standing out there in the cold'. It was supremely awkward. :) Maybe some people just can't stand the mystery.

  16. EEE!!! Everytime you talk about the baby bump I get excited! That's so awesome. And I LOVE this dress on you - you styled it so perfectly. Red is such a great color on you! And those shoes!! They are adorable.

  17. So pretty! I love that little scarf at your collar, it's such a nice post! And I can't wait to see plenty of baby bump photos!


  18. So cute...!
    Is it a boyfriend that there is together?
    You are ideal couples.


  19. Forever the cutest! ➸♡➸ You look so beautiful in that dress amongst the snow! xxx

  20. Thought so... My comment was lost when my internet died! I love your dress... It's so inspiring to see such pretty and inventive maternity wear! I love your hat... You're queen of the hats! And your super banana bread sounds utterly delicious! Stay away from eBay! Xxxx

  21. The red of this dress is so intense ! It's beautiful ! I love the details of the tights, it's gorgeous !

  22. I love how this dress has a cute back collar too :) Those shoes are really awesome and even better paired with those tights. I'm a sweet tooth girl myself and I'm sure it would grow exponentially with a baby on the way- though I do love a good pickle now and then ;) Cute as ever Marisa!

  23. You don't APPEAR pregnant yet, but that baby inside is adorable!!! yeyeyeyeyey. I don't know how you are so tiny still! Maternity clothing is a huge drag. I love your stockings!!

  24. I love your colors and the amazing amount of detail goes into each aspect of your look! Those tights, those shoes, the hat, the scarf...seriously amazing DETAILS.

  25. You look so adorable! That dress is amazing on you; the color is just so perfect! Can't wait to see how you make your clothes work for your baby bump! Congrats again. :)


  26. Oh, I didn't know Asos sold pregnancy clothes! Good to know ... for the future, hehe. Love this dress and how you've paired it with the scarf and cardi ;).

  27. i love everything about this. everything.


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