Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winterberry - A Thread Share Post

Happy New Year darlings!

I'm finally back home and recuperating from the holidays and all the sweets and pie and other yummy little confections I stuffed myself to capacity with.  Now bring on the healthy eating resolution once again :-)

Dress: Vintage
Cardi: UO
Bow: Etsy - Janelle Haskin
Pendant & Tights: Modcloth
Shoes: Vintage

Today is another Thread Share post between me and the lovely Amanda of Salvaged Strawberry.  This time around I sent her my strawberry print cardi (how apropos, right?).  As a blizzard came through our way over the holidays, I thought there be no better way to style it than over a thick and cozy knit vintage dress and heavy tights.  I probably should have had a coat on - but being the summer sort of gal that I am, wearing a coat is always a chore for me...hehe.  

As for Amanda, she was thinking along the same lines as me and went with a blue top and tan bottom.  Though I'm actually wearing a dress, I thought it was pretty funny how similar our color choices were as far as our garment choices were concerned.  

You can see more from Amanda's post right here.  So that's all for now darlings.  It's pretty frigid where I'm at today, so I'm off to get a nice tall mug of hot chocolate to warm up.  Have a lovely Thursday!

Love Bunches,


  1. Oh I love the skirt of that dress! The tan color with red piping reminds me of a coat I have :) I love how fun this outfit is, with a strawberry cardigan and green tights. So unique and special. How cool that you both styled it in similar ways! Have a lovely day, Marisa!

  2. I love that sweater. It's no wonder Amanda didn't want to send it back!!

    Also, those tights are to die for. I'm a huge lover of all things green. I might need a pair of those to add to my ever-growing colourful tights collection.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Oh Marisa this is simply brilliant! You always have the best color combinations...not to mention I would have never guessed in a million years that your shoes were thrifted vintage! What beauts.

  4. This dress is so pretty and looks lovely with that cardigan. The pop of green with your tights is so wonderful and bright! You always wear and mix colours so well!!

  5. Haha you both really did choose similar colors! Clearly that sweater demands playfulness and creativity ;) I'm always so amazed at how well you play with colors. I'm sure if i attempted to hodge podge a look like that together i'd look reminiscent of 7 year old me. but with you it just workssss. i'm starting to border-line idolize you haha! ps love love love your skirt!

  6. Oh my gosh! Strawberry sweater, green tights and charming gold shoes. Perfection.

  7. That strawberry cardigan is adorable!!

  8. that strawberry cardigan is the prettiest!

  9. love your photos! beautiful colors, the snow, the iron gate, love it all!

  10. Fun to see how you both wear it. The print is so cheeky!

  11. I love these posts, you both look great! What a fun sweater. And tell me about it, coats are terrible for fashion-loving girls!

  12. Oh how I want to find the perfect cardi!

  13. It shouldn't be hard to eat veggies with a cardigan that sweet!


  14. Love this outfit, so completely adorable! That cardigan paired with that dress is just a dream. And of course, your shoes are just too cute as usual! Glad that your holiday was fabulous. :)


  15. Such a pretty and cute sweater!


  16. yay for the Urban Outfitters sweater. You know I'm a fan of the brand!

  17. Those shoes!!! Marisa they are so cute! And that sweater is perfect - both on you and as Amanda's kind of 'trademark' sweater so to speak. I love it on both of you

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  18. oh! love your outfits sooo much!
    love the color combination of your shoes and tights!

  19. Beautiful Marisa! And your hair always looks sooo good, in all posts! Really!
    Thanks for your last comment :)

  20. Love this outfit, how do you always manage to put pieces together and make it so lovely and amazing?!! Ixx

  21. such a sweet outfit! and i'm just a little jealous of the snow, ha! xx

  22. strawberries in the winter!!! Yay!!

  23. What a beautiful cardigan ! I love the clashing green of the tight in this outfit !
    Have a beautiful 2013 !

  24. Cute outfits...
    love the cardigan.

  25. I love the color combination, Marisa! And your face, of course! :P

    Also, what a wonderful white landscape! I need to schedule a trip to the mountains before the snow melts. It's been too long since I last saw snow.

    And I, too, need to start eating healthily again, boo ...

    Have a wonderful and profitable week! ;D


  26. Oh my goodness- I LOVE your vintage dress and shoes!! Both of you look so cute and it is funny how similar your outfit was :) Another look of yours that I absolutely adore! Happy New Year!!

  27. I feel you on the frigid thing! Hot chocolate sounds pretty good right now. That is too funny how you chose similar color schemes - great minds think alike, right? What a cute cardi and I really love the skirt on that dress! Also, your tights are such a pretty color!

  28. I love how your added such lovely pops of color! Those tights are just perfect. I'm so glad I found your blog! Your photos are stunning--what kind of camera do you use?

  29. What an amazing post! Love!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  30. Cutie!!!! This is darling!
    You always put the most fascinating colors together!!! It is so fun!


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