Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: January, Part II

Hello there darlings,

Meet another bunch of the loverly ladies that were my January sponsors.  Pop on by their pretty blogs and shops and give them a big warm hello if you do so fancy.  These gals are colorful, creative, and pretty darn cool if you ask me :-) 


I'm Rachel from Rachel The Hat and i mostly pay dress-up every week and post photos of it. Im a retro loving, dress wearing mama and wifey with a big love of all things vintage and nostalgic. I am also a keen(novice) knitter, big tea drinker and a regular thrifter.  Do come on over for a lovely natter and a knees up! 

Blog // Twitter // Instagram (@RACHELTHEHAT)


Hey, I'm Becky the mastermind of B is for Becky. This blog is a place where I share my obsession for things like my little furry dogs, random crafts, and adventures in my miniature camper. You will also find some fashion, wine drinking and a husband in the mix. I also co-host a series called Furry Fridays where fellow bloggers introduce you to their furry pets! Stop by because awesomeness like this isn't born everyday!


My name is Hattie and I run a style blog where I showcase my one of a kind hand made jewellery. I take vintage pieces and recycle it in to new and pretty items. You can find me hunting at the local flea markets, reading a book in a coffee shop or in my favourite destination Barbados.


Thank you bunches to my January sponsors.  You gals are as sweet as apple pie.

If you are interested in sponsoring in February, and wish to advertise your pretty blog or shop click here for more details.  All ad space is 10% off if you book now with the code "Heart". 

Catch up with you soon!
Love Bunches,


  1. Just discovered your blog and I love your pictures! They are so inspiring!


  2. thanks for sharing, marisa. they're really inspiring :)

  3. I love Rachel!! And im headed over to check out Becky and Hattie now! They seem super fun and cute!

  4. Love this type of post ! :-)


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