Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Heart February: Cold Knees


Hello readers of Marisa's blog! I'm Rachel from Cold Knees and I'm delighted to be writing a guest post for this wonderful lady, who is constantly stylish and surrounded by beautiful scenery and her gorgeous little family! 

So here is one of the things I heart the most and I don't see it ever changing...


One of the first things I thought of when thinking about what I Heart, was of course my cat. I know it's a little corny, but honestly I think I am quite the mad cat lady in the making. I worry when I'm out too much of the day or night as he'll be left home alone and am always making sure he has fresh water and plenty of food.
As he's nearly 18 now he's quite the old man and sits around most of the day anyway, although he loves running up and down the stairs and meowing through the night.. He's much more mellow now and likes our company (he was quite the loner cat when he was younger). He follows me around and generally keeps me company. When I quit my last job and was at home a lot, scouring the internet and applying for new jobs, he would sit on the table next to my laptop.. Cats are basically the ideal companion! A couple of my colleagues at work were saying the other day how they didn't like cats and found them sneaky and mean.. (not sure how I can remain friends with them now but anyway). I mean look at that last picture (my mum's two kitties Gracie and Toffee), how can you not find them adorable?


Ok, maybe that's enough cat hearting for one post! This is what I look like when I'm not busy hearting cats ;)


Thank you for having me on your blog Marisa! xxx

Rachel xx

So there you have it darlings...thus concludes I Heart February.  Seeing Rachel's sweet little cat makes me miss my little Philly and Lily who are currently living with my in-laws!  Thanks so much to lovely Rachel as well as Nicole, and Chantilly for sharing your bits of love with us.  It's hard to believe February is over and we will soon be welcoming in spring.  I'm so excited, but where has the time gone?!  

Well the truth is, I've been up to my hats in work, and busyness, and random stuff...and I will be quite relieved once everything is back to normal again.  Please pardon me if I've been a tad distant.  Looking forward to catching up with you darlings real soon!!  

XX Marisa


  1. i admit... i had the impression that cats were weird my entire life, until i actually got one (i now have four...) those people have no clue what they're missing :)

    also- wonderful photos! x

  2. hehe thanks for having me <3 I cannot believe it is March now either!! Hope things get back to normal soon :) xxx

  3. Qué haces aquí Raquel??? Love your post, GUAPAAAAAAAAAAA


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