Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Heart February: Coco Maria


Hi there Shades of Monet readers! This is Nicole of Coco Maria.


 A fewweeks ago, Marisa asked me to share a love story that's very dear to
me. No, it's not some fairytale-esque story about how I met the most
romantic guy in all the land. Rather, it's a story about my current
greatest love and passion - writing poetry. Writing and I go way back.
I think it was third grade when we met. I thought he was really cute,
and he always caught me longingly staring at him from across the room.
I don't think he minded though. When I wrote my first story for
spelling class was when the two of us really hit it off. Upon
completing an odd, dreamy story about a parrot with a headache
(seriously), I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.
Now, I've made the transition to writing poetry, and have been doing
it for a few years, trying to better my technique and find my voice as
a writer. I can think of few better feelings than those that come to
me upon finishing a poem that expresses something that's been dancing
on the tip of my brain for days or even weeks. Writing something that
I'm really proud of is rare, but when I do, what I feel is something
beautiful, maybe even something akin to love.

Marisa asked that I share something I've written, and I'm pretty
squeamish about it. But, I figured I would share something I've been
working on lately, that isn't quite finished. I hope you enjoy it, and
I would love to hear about all of your love stories, too!

A Response to I carry your heart with me (I carry it in

my heart) by E.E. Cummings

I do not want to be carried around
in your heart like sentimental
pocket change or ventricle lint. Instead,

I want to be woven into your hair,
like the smoky fingertips
of a midnight bonfire,

to creep across your shoulder peaks
the way wild wisteria nosily explores
an open window shudder.

I want to perch like a chickadee in your nest
of hair, learning the world from your height
and eating the inchworms that ail you.




 When I first read Nicole's poem all I thought was, "how incredibly fitting of a piece" is darling, witty, and brilliant just like she is.  I know for myself, it's so hard to put yourself out there like that, as anything you've created is a small piece of your heart.  So thanks so much Nicole for sharing one of your pieces with us here today.  If you haven't yet had a peek at Nicole's blog, Coco Maria.  You'll most definitely want to:)  

xx Marisa


  1. thank you for sharing this poem with us, its one of the most beautiful poems i've read and not only it makes me emotional, but at the same time i can imagine every single word she says coming true in my mind. its really kind of you to share the work of other bloggers, Marisa. And you always find bloggers that fit into your blog's theme, this time not only her style but her way of expressing her feelings as well.

  2. such a cute outfit.
    and i think the poem is my favorite part.

  3. Thanks a lo t for sharing this personal piece of you, Coco María!
    Ant thanks to you, Marisa, for discovering her and her blog and poetry to us, your readers!!

  4. Nicole, that was brilliant. The first line is so gripping and so exactly how I've been feeling lately-fed up with everything so sentimental and saccharine. and Gosh I can't wait to get to NY so we can hang out and talk about poetry and eeeeeee I'm so excited! x

  5. oh gosh, Nicole is just so darling!!! i adore her outfit and the lovely berry toned dress with cinnamon color accents. writing a love story about "writing" is brilliant! it's such a beautiful thing when passion meets purpose. you were obviously touched with the lucky stick many times over because your prose is wonderful! an extremely visual melody that was a pleasure to read. thanks for sharing!! ♥

  6. She is adorable. I love her story! It's wonderful!

  7. aah you look so so adorable, that dress is fantastic & I love how you dressed it down a tad w /the fun tights & wedges.
    I loved hearing this, such a great way to get those hard-to-express thoughts of your chest (& so funny about the parrot w/ a headache!). Thanks for sharing your piece Nicole- it's truly beautiful, I love all the analogies, love certainly should be an intertwining : )


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