Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Green Door

The Green Door
Outfit Details: Dress: Vintage//Cardi: Thrifted//Scarf & Pin: Antique Marketplace//Tights: Target//Shoes: Modcloth







Hello darlings!
Long time, no see...well maybe not really but please do pardon my absence as of late.  This past weekend has been nothing short of crazy and completely delightful all at the same time.  On Saturday I was at a teen Fine Arts Festival cheering on the drama team that I have been coaching this year as well as adjudicating for the piano solo entries and a couple of other things.  It was pretty darn sweet to see our team move onto the next level and have the chance to perform their drama at the finale of the festival.  They just rocked it that much...and I couldn't be more proud of them.

Yesterday found us back home again in Camp Hill celebrating my son's 2nd birthday with the whole family.  Geez, have these past two years flown by!  It's hard to believe I have a two year old now!  He's a sweet and brilliant little whipper snapper indeed.  He simply fills my days with a ton of joy.  So as you can see, blogging has fallen by the wayside just a bit.

Beyond all that, our lovely new friends Kat and Chris were over this past week and we were chatting on and on about all the curious little places in our new town....this green door being one of them.  I initially saw this mysterious structure in engagement photos that Chris took and had to see for myself what it was all about...I'm truly just a nerd...point blank.  As you may have read in previous posts, I've had explorer in my blood from a very young age, so off we drove to hunt this place down.  Turns out it used to be some kind of bomb shelter used during the war many many years ago.  I'm kind of a sucker for strange and random facts like that.  The whole thing reminds of this guessing game I used to play as a kid, "What's Through the Green Glass Doors?"  Does anybody else remember this?  I had my family stumped on it for hours..hehe.

Now that I have rambled half a book...I will stop here and wish you one splendiful week!  I have lots of catching up to do.  Hope to see you soon:)

Love Bunches, 


  1. wow marisa breathtaking shots! your dress and your shoes are so supercute and i love the hint of pink with your tights!
    i follow you now via bloglovin!
    big kiss,mary

  2. see, i think the structure is really cool too, as well as the history of it. it sure is a pretty place to take photos :)

    the little pocket on that dress is so darling. i also love the cardigan, and the tights give such a perfect pop of color.

    have a great day, sunshine!!

  3. I absolutely love these photos, what a fun place to take pictures!! Your dress is gorgeous, and looks so wonderful with the bright purple tights. Happy 2nd birthday to the little man! So cute!

  4. Lovely colours on display here. I really like your brooch too xx

  5. You look adorable!! I'm loving those shoes of yours!

  6. you are too cute! and I am soooo bored with this winter already, need sun and a scenery like that!

  7. Sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy up there in the woods!

    I really like the collar of your dress. Its a really unique scallop!

  8. Beautiful photos. Your tights are so bright and happy-I love 'em :)

  9. I love the way you wear your hair scarves! It's so perfect and your shoes are so dreamy. Do you by chance wear a size 6? Cause than I could steal them from you! And your man is lookin' super fashionable too!

  10. I'm loving the hair scarfs in this post and the last one :) So fun!



  11. beautiful photos Marisa that cat brooch is just lovely!
    XX Ilana
    @ My Modern Vintage

  12. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    i am loving wearing scaves in the hair! i seem to put one on every day. it just makes an outfit more interesting! glad to see your sporting them too!

    happy birthday to your baby boy! 2 year olds are my favourite age.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  13. these shots are amazing. I always love seeing these colorful and whimsical outfits on you ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend my dear!

  14. I love your pin! I love your shoes! I love your pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE! So cute!!


  15. you are beyond adorable. i love your style - it's just so cute. and how did you get your husband to wear that awesome sweater - my husband will not wear them!

    these photos are beautiful - so stunning.

  16. i'm going to be weird and leave another comment, but i wondered reading your post if camp hill would be the same one i live by, so i went and read your about, and OHMYGOSH another central PA fashion blogger! just excited here. ^_^ i go grocery shopping in camp hill sometimes.

  17. so cute!!!


  18. i love this outfit! especially that big bow and that kitty brooch. :) so glad to find your blog today, im definitely following now! :)

    the style projects

  19. aww you look adorable!
    I love your style and your shoes :)

  20. omg!!! your shoes are to die for!!! :D

  21. D'aww, your shoes and brooch are super sweet! x

  22. As always these photos are amazing! I absolutely adore your dress, the collar is incredible and i love how you styled it with bright accessories! Xo Lori

  23. seriously — wow you two!!! the acid yellow stained brick walls and green door are both incredible compliments with your purple adorables Marisa!!! AND i, along with so many others, are raving mad for those shoes and kitteh brooch. SO CUTE! cable knits and plaids are serious contenders, love that handsome pic with the blurry depth perception, awesome stuff.

    congrats to your team, that festival sounds like a bunch of fun and my kinda event.

    awe, wonderful news about your son's b-day celebrations also. so you can't believe he's two but what i can't get over (sometimes) is that you aren't a girl fresh outta high school yourself ; ) such a young and beautiful momma he has, as your pride fills with thoughts of him i know his will grow large throughout the years for his grand parents who are super with it and crazy cool stylers!!!!

    happy almost weekend! xo ♥


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