Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In spirit golden

Today was funny. It started out with a downpour of rain and then got sunny. (No, I did not mean for that to rhyme).

When I got to work the lights were out in the office of the school. Everything was dark and none of my colleagues were there. Great, I thought - this is gonna be another one of THOSE days. I soon found out everyone in the office was out sick or away at meetings. Great, I thought again. So there I sat all alone. I groaned and I grimaced. Boohoo, poor me. The phones rang off the hook. The number of students that usually filter through the office doubled from any normal day. Paperwork piled up, while I picked up the slack for those who were out sick, and the thought of getting any of my own work done fell by the wayside. I felt as if I worked a whole week in one day.

When I called one of the other offices in our building to see how the other administrative assistant was doing, she was having one of those days too. We both just laughed. I then realized this changed everything about how I felt. It felt good to laugh off the frustration and insanity and realize it was just one of those days and it will soon be over. I smiled and laughed and realized things weren't really that bad after all. Then it occurred to me:

"The most wasted of days is one without laughter" - E.E. Cummings






Outfit Details:
Blouse and necklace: Modcloth
Cardigan and shorts: Urban Outfitters
Headband: Etsy
Shoes: Dolce Vita


  1. love that quote.
    it's a great reminder!
    especially today :D
    hope you are well!

  2. LOVE the blouse and shorts. actually i just love the whole outfit =]

  3. Marisa ♥ if only i can find a gazillion words to tell u how much i adore this outfit , i love every single pieces , like love love LOVE
    the peter pan collar polka dots blouse , the yellow shorts the shoes and as always your headbands !

    work can be a pain in the neck at times right , i felt the same way every morning , its like going to an endless war , haha my motivation every Monday morning is to count days till Friday. I just wish i could so something i love so i won't have to feel so worn out

    May u have a happy day :)

    ♪ Beatles - It's a Hard Day's Night

  4. you are always so cute.
    your outfits always my me smile..i love them!!!
    you are beautiful as always.
    when i am having a bad day,
    i always tell myself "tomorrow is another day..." :)
    have a great day tomorrow love!

  5. Love the combination of colors!
    Your shoes are super cute. You always look so pretty lady!

  6. Beautiful vintage look. I love the flowers and colours! So cute :)

  7. Very cute outfit again and I love your shoes!

    I like the anecdote, laughter is essential!

    Embracing Style

  8. Those shoes are super cute and I love the color mustard so much. I am smitten about this whole outfit! Hope you're having a great week girl. xx

  9. love your style! your blog is beautiful. i see you're from pennsylvania. i am, too! what part?

    i'm now a follower :)

  10. i can't stop staring at your shoes!

  11. i'm from altoona (hollidaysburg, actually). so, i'm not that far away from you! it's nice to find another small-town pa girl with great style!

  12. This outfit is super cute!! Love the flower in your hair. :)

  13. What an absolutely ADORABLE outfit!! I love that quote too. (: Great blog!


  14. Ah, your blog is very lovely too, especially the big crisp white collar. I'd write more but I'm falling asleep on the couch... be back soon!

  15. I adore those shorts and shoes! You look adorable.

    And thanks for your sweet comment! I'm glad you like my blog-izzle! I think I just may follow you too ;D

  16. I really like this pop of neon in the mix! You look fabulous-- adding you to my blogroll.


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