Thursday, September 16, 2010

And we stare at the sun

I am so happy that Thursday is here. I am more than ready for the weekend to arrive. For some reason this whole week has dragged, sleep has been minimal. and work has been crazy so like many of you, I greet the weekend with open arms.

This is gonna be kind of a quick outfit post since my time is limited and laundry and other housework is calling me. My mom recently had her closet redone (california closet style) and I was the lucky receiver of some items she wanted to get rid of. One of those items being this skirt, which I wore as a dress. I remember when my mom wore it - I always thought the deep jewel colors in it were beautiful. I loved it then and I love it even more now.





Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage skirt - from my mom's closet
Headband: Supermarkethq
Belt: Vintage - from my mom
Tanzanite Butterfly Necklace: Gift from hubby


  1. Wow this looks so good as a dress! I love closet clean-outs! : )

  2. This looks amaazing! I love blue on you. Hope you're having a great week. x

  3. That skirt looks lovely on you! I love jewel tones myself. Totally trying to get my hands on some more this fall! :)

  4. i would love to raid my mothers closet for her old clothes but she was a size defiantly NOT going to be able to fit into her clothes. hahaha.
    you look beautiful. i love that dress/skirt..the blue looks amazing on you!!!
    have a great weekend love!! <3

  5. I love that skirt as a dress! I always look for things in my mom or grandmas closet as well. They always seem to have nice things hehe =)


  6. I love the colour of that skirt and it looks great as a dress. Your hair accessories are always so cute!

    Embracing Style

  7. i cant share outfits with my mum lol she used to be too skinny now she her clothes are way to big for me

    lucky u cause u look amazing in this

    sorry i am a little late to drop by as its already Friday today :(

    anyway have a great weekend ahead Marisa

  8. How lucky!! That skirt-dress is so beautiful! Great outfit :)

  9. that dress is so gorgeous! i love it! :)

  10. Marisa dear , how have u been? have not seen any updates from u lately ..hope everything is going well there :)

  11. The lighting in your pictures is really beautiful!



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