Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Swan on a Misty Beach - An eShakti Review

Several weeks back eShakti contacted me about doing a product review for them and after really taking the time to peruse their website, I will fully admit, I was beyond thrilled.  I'm sure you've heard about this company before, and if you haven't I would highly suggest taking a mosey around their lovely site as well.  To cut to the chase, they offered me a sample of any of their dresses and it didn't take long for me to spot this swan printed/scalloped collar beauty and become giddy with joy at the thought of it becoming part of my wardrobe.  Goodness, I am a sucker for anything with a cute collar and animal themed print.  Actually, their whole pre-spring/resort collection had me so smitten with it's 1950s vintage inspired theme, that I will very likely go back and make a purchase in time for summer.

Coat & Tights: Target
Floral crown: Little Honey Pies (Etsy)
Brooch: Antique Mall
Shoes: Clarks (gift from the Mr.)

As for the website itself, you are able to customize many of their gorgeous pieces to suit your own tastes and body type.  For me this is like an answer to prayer being a five foot two, small-boned but very curvy and bosomy gal - it really makes for a difficult time finding dresses that fit me properly for my small shoulders and short stature, but at the same time aren't too tight in my bust and hips.  Not such the case for eShakti dresses.  Being able to plug my very measurements in, made for the perfect fit all around - better yet, I was able to customize everything from the length to the kind of sleeves, and if I wanted pockets or not.  Pretty sweet, eh?  

The quality of the dress itself is awesome.  Really, I couldn't ask for more in an article of clothing - and I will admit, when it comes to quality in dresses, I am really picky.  For the most part, I tend to stay away from stores that offer super inexpensive dresses & clothing.  Not because I don't love what they offer, but because the items never hold up for me for more than a season long and being a stay at home mom on a budget, this will just not do.   I know this piece will last me for miles and is versatile enough to throw a cardigan over and wear with flats for the every day run to the store, or dress up with shimmery tights and heels for a more special occasion.  

Other than that, the shipping was speedy fast - and at my door within a week.  Yes, can you tell I am a happy camper? - Well perhaps not in a couple of these photos after I got caught in the rain.  Such a pouty look on my face...hehe.  Nonetheless, in this eShakti swan dress, this gal is happy as can be.  

Alright darlings, that's my verdict - I love eShakti!

Have a lovely week!

Love Bunches, 

*This post was sponsored by eShakti. Although I received this product in exchange for review,  the opinions I expressed in this post are my own.


  1. Oh my gosh that coat is killer! Love the color, and the collar. The dress is totally adorable. You look so cute!


  2. M! A swan-print dress?!?! That might be tied (in my book) with a strawberry-print anything. Looks so lovely on you! :)

  3. i just love the dress! it sounds like such a wonderful website to order one from. i also love the coat you paired it with!

    lindsey louise


  4. look at that swan print! this is really cute, marisa! i love ANYTHING with cute collar too! you're so lucky having this gorgeous dress. and you look great as always :))

  5. Ahh this dress is gorgeous, and the coat fit for a queen, oh my!! You look like a beautiful apparition my dear :)

    <3 Megan

  6. This swan dress is sooo darling on you!! I love it so much, especially with the coat! It's so wonderfully to get clothes that actually fit properly, everyone has such specific issues, it can be so frustrating to shop!

  7. Beautiful dress! And you styled it really nice aswell, that coat is gorgeous.

  8. These photos are so beautiful and eerie with all of the fog! I love this dress on you and anything with a novelty animal print is thumbs up in my book. That coat is amazing, my friend! Hope you're having a good week so far!

  9. what a fun dress. The print is so adorable.

  10. Sounds perfect- I love the print and how cool you get to put in your own measurements! Love the location of these photos, a tad spooky! xx

  11. This has such a perfect 50's vibe to it with a modern pattern twist! I find proper fitting trousers much harder to find than dresses actually but will definately check out this site.
    Kate xx

  12. oh that swan dress is absolutely cute and adorable! what a sweet print!!!! also the collar detail is amazing!
    and i loooove your mustard coat, such a beautiful piece darling marisa! from head to toe fabulous!


  13. Adorable print and great styling. I LOVE that mustard coat!

  14. it's beautiful! the dress really does look like it was made for you :) xx

  15. I absolutely love these photos. They suit the look so well and this dress is totally you!

  16. ADORABLE dress and outfit! :) and great review! love your style!
    hope you have a great day!

  17. I love that we both posted our eShakti dresses this week! I saw this swan one yesterday while browsing and its just TOO CUTE! I want about 5 more of their things right now! I am in love with these misty photos, especially with the yellow accent color on your coat and the lifeguard stand! You always have amazing photos but this just may be my new favorite post of yours!!!
    Hope you're having a lovely day!
    xo Hannah

  18. Beautiful! I love the coat! And the dress is super cute! I just heard about eShakti on the braided bandit today :) I should definetly order something there too!


  19. You look absolutely amazing!!! I really adore that dress on you, eShakti couldn't have done a better job. It really makes me wish that I had taken up their offer, but at the time I had just quit style blogging so it didn't feel right to go back on my word like that.

  20. A swan handle!
    I love your fashion!


  21. Great choice, Marisa! ;D I'm a sucker for animal patterned clothes. That's so cool that they let you customize some items! I'm really short, too, only 5'1", so most pants and long sleeved pieces of clothing are usually too long for me :/.

    Awesome photos, too, btw! ;)

    Hope you're having a great week, sweet Marisa! ;D

  22. lovely outfit!
    love the color of your coat and that blossom in your hair!

  23. 1-this is the perfect place for photos! So pretty!
    2-this swan dress is so dreamy! I want! Gotta love eShakti!!
    3-your floral crown is darling, I need to check out this shop!
    4-I saw this coat at target and wanted it SO bad but they didn't have my size :(
    5-you my dear, are just darling!

  24. Your pictures are so amazing! I love the effect the mist adds, and your coat is lovely!

  25. Oh my gosh these photos are so beautiful, love how your tights perfectly match that lifeguard stand. When I read that you can add pockets to these pieces I might have done a little gig, what girl doesn't love dresses with pockets?!

  26. I'll have to go and peruse their website. That dress is perfect for you! It's just so sweet. I love the way you teamed it with yellow tights and red shoes. Clarks are always amazing xxx

  27. Oh my Marisa this is such a lovely dress on you! It does fit you like a dream and the print is perfectly whimsical, just like you. The floral crown was the perfect touch! Plus I love all the mist in these photos, so lovely.

  28. I love eShakti! There dresses are just so beautiful! I love the one that you picked out - the swans are just darling! :)


  29. That dress is so perfect for you! I adore the print. You look amazing in it, and I love the colors you paired with it. eShakti is such a great company - they have wonderful dresses.

  30. love those pictures, the coat suits you perfectly! Amazing atmosphere :) And that dress is just wow! Love it :)

  31. I love the mistyness to these photos.
    Your outfit really brightens everything up :) <3

  32. You look amazing! Love this bubbly style.

  33. Looks like it was really foggy out!! I love the dress on you. How fun!


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