Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pining for Pins - 1

Hello darling dears!

As a fellow Pinterest addict, here's a wee list of all the Pins that have had me head over heels this week:

Holy boots Batman!

Pretty little vintage dress set-up
Pinned here // Original source

Just in time for Valentine's - Pink Meringue Cupcakes w/ Raspberry Curd

Double collars - I need to do this.

Wallpaper Houses

This romantic little dress from Shop Ruche.  Wouldn't it be perfect for a Vday date?

That's all for now.  I'm in dire need of catching up here in the blogasphere -between appointments, playing with the band, and a trip to Philly -  what a busy week this is turning out to be (I quite love it) :-)

Catch you soon!
Love Bunches, 


  1. omgosh. Love that boots too! Sooo gorgeous and unique!

  2. Very nice pins! I love the vintage dresses :)
    Have fun in Philly and with your band!!!


  3. Those boots are amazing! I would wear them with everything
    Kate xx

  4. You did have a busy week! Sounds fun.

    Pinterest is sooooo addicting.

  5. Those green shoes are amazing! I love really everything here and now I want to install a cute shelf to hang vintage from- definitely way better than the industrial clothing racks now taking over my bedroom!
    Glad your having such a good week!
    xo Hannah

  6. how is it that I'm not following you on Pinterest? Not anymore!

  7. Those shoes are amazing! And I love the double collars; what a great idea!

  8. Really lovely! I think pinterest is great but I simply can't be consumed by another social network! ;)

  9. Those shoes are amazing! I follow you on Pinterest but hadn't spotted them. I love the lace replaced by ribbons thing. Should just do it to my shoes!

  10. I'm a self-professed pinterest addict as well. :)I love all these pictures. Those boots are gorgeous and mm that cupcake looks positively delicious!

  11. Can definitely see you rocking double collars!! Especially with that hat. That dress is just so pretty!!

  12. I'm in love with those boots! Glad that you're enjoying the busy time. Happy weekend. xx/Madison

  13. gah, those boots are amazing! i am also in love with the second picture of the lovely dresses and room!

    lindsey louise

  14. ooooh I've actually got that Ruche dress in an aqua color. Definitely one of my faves. You should go for it!

  15. Beautiful inspirations ! The shoes on the first picture are amazing !

  16. Ahhh love that dress from Shop Ruche, I think I had it in my wishlist from some time ago, just adorable!!


  17. THOSE SHOES! are the craziest things I've ever seen but they are beautiful. I could totally see you rockin' them.

  18. Oooh, awesome finds! Those boots and dresses! I'm drooling :p.

    So how was the band's performance? I bet it must have been really fun! I'd love to listen to what you do, Marisa!

    Have a wonderful weekend ;P.


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