Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Blogger: Tye

Hello darlings, 
As I mentioned before, I have been in Pittsburgh all week on business...and though I am back, I am tuckered out to the core, so I've asked my gorgeous gal Tye, to take over for me today.  Wishing you all a wondrous week.  Catch you on the weekend!
xx Marisa
"Greetings from Pittsburgh!  I'm Tye and I was super excited when the lovely Marisa asked if I could do a guest blog post for her.  


Right now I'm loving long flowy skirts and maxi dresses for the spring/summer season.  I prefer them to be vintage so I've collected several cotton india wraps skirts and look forward to adding some vintage maxi dresses to my collection soon.  I'm looking forward to receiving this one in the mail soon and continue to search the internet for vintage lovelies to own.  



What are you looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer season?  Come over to say hi at  The Art of Accessorizing where I blog about my ensembles and feature inspiring fashionistas like our dearly loved Marisa"  I'm wearing:

Brooks Brothers white button down
Vintage cotton maxi dress - Etsy
Unisa sandals - Avalon Exchange
Vintage Bakelite bangles - Ebay
Turquoise pendant - Three Winds Gallery

Thank you Marisa for allowing me to guest blog post for you!



  1. Hello Tye. You look wonderful and yes easy breezy Maxis are a forever-do for spring in my book. I would loooove to know where you got that wonderful pink/peach dress!!!

  2. @ Zuley Blue thank you for your lovely words. I purchased the dress via Etsy <3


  3. That's a great maxi, I love it's print. I never really got into maxis...I always feel a little too stubby in them. I'm looking for A-line skirts for the season- I find them adorable.


  4. Ooooh ! This pink salmon romantic dress is so beautiful !!!


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