Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Craft Room: Tie Up Slouchy Tube Top DIY

Happy evening to you darlings!

Since the weather has been all warm and sunshiny, the DIY itch has been upon me.  Not so very long ago, I picked up this skirt at Goodwill for $1.00.  Though it was flimsy, cut kind of crooked, and poorly made, I snagged it anyways because I kind of just loved the boho inspired print.  Anyhow, I thought it might make a perfect tube top since it was smocked around the waist area - so that is exactly what it became.

What you'll need:
1 midi or maxi length skirt with a smocked waist (or elasticated)
A needle and thread

1.  With the skirt on and pulled up to your underarms - where you will be wearing it as a top - measure how long you want it to be (this should be slightly below your natural waistline).  Mark this on the back of the skirt. 

2.  With the skirt on the floor make sure the sides are laying back to back (like you hang a pair of pants on a hanger).  At the back of the skirt (which with be the back of your top) measure about an inch down from your mark and cut a slightly curved diagonal line down to the bottom (if you want your front ties to be thinner, cut further in).  

3.  Unfold and you should now have something that resembles a hi-lo skirt.  Lay the skirt so the longer part is facing up.  Cut a straight line right up the middle to at least the length of the back.   (In my case, there was a seam already up the middle, so it made this very easy - if not, you will want to measure where the exact middle is).  

4.  Try it on now and see if you want to make any revisions (ie. cutting the ties higher, thinner, etc).  

Make necessary revisions as needed.  For me, I decided to cut up the middle just a bit higher than the length of the back to make my ties a little longer in the front and I cut into the skirt a little deeper so that my ties were thinner.

5.  Iron the skirt and hem up the rough edges all around.

Whoohoo - you are finished!

I was pretty much so pleased with my result here.  I think next time, I would cut my ties a even thinner but nonetheless,  I look forward to wearing this little piece all summer long on those 90 degree days.  

A proper outfit post with it is soon to follow:)

The weekend is just about upon us.
See you very soon!
Love Bunches, 


  1. Complete boho-goodness! And that necklace works so well with it ^_^

  2. *gasp* This is ADORABLE! i have to try it!

  3. This is AMAZING!! I love the idea, it looks so great too, I am going to have to find a piece to try this with. Love the tied front tube tops for summer

  4. ahhhh, this is such a cute idea!! i love that print too, and i would've NEVER thought to do that with this skirt. you're so creative :))

  5. ah clever lady! Love the skirt as a top :) Have you seen my variation? no sewing required :D

  6. Wow thats a very great idea sweetheart and the result is totally cute ! Have to try this too ! BTW the necklace is adorable. Have a fabby weekend !!!

  7. Im probably saying it again, but I love everything about your blog!:)

    This DIY is the cherry on the cake!


    Shubhi's Revels!

  8. love the pattern of the fabric!

  9. you turned it into an adorable top!! good job ;)

  10. perfect outfit for summer. you're fashionably genius, marisa! :D

  11. Ooh, this is a fun project! I don't think I own anything with a smocked waist, but I'll have to keep this in mind :)

  12. This is such a good idea! I am always into DIY things that are simple, cute and easy and this one is amazing :) Ixx

  13. Oh myyy you are so creative! Really awesome blog!
    Following you now, mind to follow back? <3

  14. such a lovely diy! i'll keep my eyes open for a skirt like that so i can try this:) x

  15. Oh it's a lovely DIY ! The print is beautiful !

  16. How cute! I love it. Good thinking on this one.


  17. That is so creative!
    I would love to have such a creative mind to do my own DIY. I feel so useless though.

  18. You are SO clever and creative, this looks amazing! There are so many cool things I have been seeing to re-work vintage, I can't wait to try my hand at a few! TIME-WHERE ARE YOU?!

  19. Oh, wow! I so admire people who have sewing skills! I've been wanting to get a sewing machine, but I so suck at sewing (never tried a machine, actually) that I know it's be pointless for me to get it :/ ...

    And, hey! How many posts have I missed here??? :O

  20. Pretty awesome, I'm so bad with documenting my DIYs ;-(


  21. LOVING THIS! omg... what a stellar idea for my vintage skirts!!! merci.



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