Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starburst Winter

Starburst Snow
Outfit Details: Sweater, purse & headscarf: Grandmother's//Shoes & Tights: UO






Happy weekend dearest darlings!
Seems to me it has been snowing on and off here where I live in the mountains and well, as much as I hate 5 degree weather, I do love how wintery wonderland everything is looking in these parts.  Dresses are just not an option on days like this, so this is my uniform on a casual day in colder than cold weather.

I was most thrilled to come across my grandmother's sweater one day when I was packing up her old things for Goodwill before we moved from her house.  When I saw this sweater, I knew I could never part with it and since it just so happened to fit me, it became mine for the keeping.

That's about all for now.  I'm Philly bound again this weekend to celebrate both my mom's and mother in law's birthdays together.  It shall be fun.  Wishing you a swell weekend too!

Love bunches,


  1. love your headscarf and shoes! it always feels special to wear your grandmother's clothes, glad you found a nice sweater like that in her things:) x

  2. lovely outfit! it looks wonderful


    helen @

  3. Beautiful!
    I love your blog!
    Foloiwng ;)

  4. Love that sweater! It looks very warm.

  5. how special to have found your grandmother's sweater! it's beautiful. i totally understand it being too cold to wear anything else... sometimes, practicality just comes before anything else.

    have fun in philly! maybe we could meet up there one of these days :) xx

  6. I swear your grandparents had so much cool stuff!

  7. I was going to write what a beautiful jumper, and if it belonged to your grandmother it's even more special! Enjoy your weekend :) the snow looks gorgeous xx

  8. Aw that's so sweet that this is your grandmother's sweater! I'm sure she would have loved it on you :) because you look stunning in it. It's always nice when we can cherish different things that help us to remember our loved ones like that.

    I would love for some cold weather to hit Georgia again. Everyday this week/last week it has been in the 70s. Bleh! That's too hot for me to wear tights comfortably and I have 2 pairs of jeans that I can't possibly stand to wear 7 days in a row! ((Good thing I bought like 6 pairs on last night (pastels&mints!!!)) :P


  9. You are delightful in this leopard turban! Teach me how, teach me how! ❤

  10. this is such a cute top you are wearing. love the background as well, but i think i've already told you that i love the backgrounds you choose.

  11. love the sweater : ) and love the snow!!
    great hanging out with you today! thanks for driving up our way : )

  12. This is so so so something I would wear. This is like my uniform for the past few weeks. A crazy vintage sweater over a collared blouse, skinny jeans and cute shoes. I lllllove your tights!

  13. That sweater is so beautiful! And this is such a great cute and cozy go to outfit for chilly days. You look so lovely :)

  14. Ahw, I seriously fell in love with those hart-tights, so adorable.

    Sweet kisses,
    Caroline from

  15. really you got your name from marisa berenson! cool! well in my case my dad and my mum were struggling if they should call me viktoria or marisa and for heavens sake they decided to put me both names haha
    what a gorgous sweater and headband you wear here!! and i love this hearted socks;)

  16. Ohh like you just told me, an unappreciated area of America, it looks beautiful in the snow! :) Or is that you!? Both I reckon ;) I love the tights and shoes, were your wee feets not frozen!?? I'm glad your grandmother's jumper fitted you, I don't fit any of my grans clothes :( Jewellery though, I am not complaining! Have a wonderful time in Philly celebrating the 'moms' birthdays! :) Zoë xxx

  17. adore your sweater and great shoes, cute headscarf too

  18. This sweater is incredibly beautiful and even cooler because it was your grandmas!! I love the heart socks with your shoes too, so cute.

  19. I love that cozy sweater and your hair scarf is beautiful!

  20. How special that you are wearing your grandmother's pieces! I love items with a little bit of nostalgia attached to them :) You look beautiful and whimsical as always.

  21. I like the scene in the photograph. what do you use to edit all this photos? very dramatic! :D

  22. This sweater is lovely, and the fact that belonged to your granny makes it so special! Love the bag and scarf and aww the snow is beautiful...
    Life is a romantic poem

  23. what fabulous Blog, love your styling sweets! fantastic sweater ...

    Wanna join my 'Karl Lagerfeld' Goodie Giveaway? thanks! x

  24. It's so lovely that these items were your grandmother's - and a stroke of fortune that they look so great on you! xo

  25. you look beautiful in your grandmother's sweater.
    such a wonderful thing to have. <3
    you look really quite beautiful in the snow Marisa!
    have a wonderful week and thank you for being a fabulous friend. (your hubs too. ;) )

  26. I love this outfit, it is so unique.

    Great blog,



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