Thursday, January 12, 2012

Benny and Joon

Outfit Details: Dress & Bag: Vintage//Floral Crown: DIY//Necklace: Target//Tights: Modcloth//Shoes: Gift from Mother




I found this dress at a vintage shop the other week in Philly and pretty much knew I was going to snag it up very quickly as I had one very similar as a high schooler in the 90s.  So I guess you could say it was kinda an ode to my teenage self.  Benny and Joon, Empire Records, My So-Called Life, Friends, the Gin Blossoms and Pearl Jam...Meg and Tom and ooh that Johnny Depp. The days of awesome romantic comedies and good radio are long gone, but well this corduroy baby doll dress...I think it's here to stay:)

Love bunches,


  1. you always look soo cute! xoxo

  2. What a beautiful bag! The photos were a hit!

  3. Aww, you look so adorable. The photos are lovely. xx

  4. Cute dress! Is this the flower crown you were planning on making?! If so it turned out great!

  5. i think i'm in love with that dress! corduroy is an all time favorite and the shape of this one is just splendid.

    and your floral crown, not to mention, is adorableee!

  6. Hehe im glad youve reclaimed your dress! Love the crown.

  7. Nice dress! Benny and June is SUCH a great flick.
    I'm glad you had such a good time in philly : ) I'm loving hearing of your adventures!

  8. long time no see girl you always look fab, love your green bag.
    keep in touch.
    hop in to check out my new posts.
    i am waiting for your comment.

  9. that dress is a great find! I wish Australia had better thrift shops it sucks here lol
    your photos are gorgeous too!
    have a great weekend I will email you back soon

    XX Ilana

  10. Hi, Marisa!!!
    so cute color tights!
    You look like the fairy in woods!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

    akiko from Japan

  11. Wow Marisa, the vintage dress is so lovely and i adore the bag, its color already says it all! love it

    And your photos are so whimsical, could not express more love for everything :)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead and big hug from me

  12. Your tights are awesome! :O <3

  13. GASP -- Your tights! I'm dying. They are so insane and so unbelievably perfect with this outfit and for you. lovelovelovelovelove.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. I used to cry seeing Benny and Joon as a child. I really couldn't get more bored though watching My So Called Life. My husband has Empire Records memorized.

    Anyway I LOVE your tights!!!!!!!! so cute.

  15. Love all the colors in this photoshoot. The bag is GREAT!


  16. i really love this dress... i don't get as much of a grungy vibe from it though! it looks like a cute shirt dress from anthropologie or something. it's amazing, and even better that it's vintage!!

    oh and, you look radiant as always :)

  17. oh this is really a beautiful velvet cord dress, love the buttons and collar and colur and you always have matching tights! i wonder how adorable you look everytime!
    wish you a nice weekend!

  18. Your outfit photographs are getting more and more beautiful each week, how do you do it?! :) I adore how your burgundy dress looks against the forest background, I wish we had more settings like that around here <3 You look lovely! xxx

  19. Oh my goodness Marisa, I feel like I always repeat myself but you seriously put together the most beautiful outfits. That dress is gorgeous on you, and don't even get me started on the tights!

  20. The colour on that dress is beautiful and corduroy is such a great fabric for winter - nice and cosy! I'm wearing a corduroy shirt that I've borrowed from my partner - nice and warm! And, yes, those pictures were Instagram - it's a winner, isn't it?!

    Emily x

  21. Benny & Joon!!!! I love that movie!!!!!!!!! OMG brings me back to last summer. I adore that film. I love your dress and those orange flowers too. Your bag is such a find! The whole color combination is really darling... just like you are....... :D

    love, polly <#

  22. What a sweet way of remembering your high school days :). I just recently got out of mine and I'm actually really glad that they're over. Talk about worst times ever... lol!

    Anyways, you look so gorgeous in your new-to-you vintage dress. I also just adore those tights. xoxo

  23. You look so pretty in red! And your flower crown is gorgeous. By the way, I tagged you in the versatile blog award in my latest post :)

  24. hehe I am wearing my vintage corduroy babydoll dress as I read this. :) You look adorable as always!


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