Monday, January 23, 2012

Ramblings of Nature and The Bradys.

Outfit Details: Dress: Vintage//Cardi: Thrifted//Hair bow: Miss Selfridge//Shoes: UO






Happy Monday!
It's really kind of nice that Monday is here and finally I feel like I can relax....funny as that is not typical of a Monday.  However I have been the busiest bee all weekend long cooking, entertaining, baking up a storm, meeting with friends and for an introvert like me, it can all be a little tiring though I completely love it to pieces these days as we have met some of the most beautiful hearted people here in our new town.  

Speaking of our new home...these photos are from the lake/beach area in our neighborhood.  The grandeur of nature here has me feeling completely blessed.  There's a calming serenity in the air and beauty for miles.  What more can I say?  Guess I'm in love with the mountains.

 As for me, well I scored this little vintage dress a few weekends ago in Philly and fell completely head over heels for the print as it reminded me of something from The Brady Bunch.  Remember the wallpaper in Marsha, Jan, and Cindy's bedroom?  Haha.  I never said I was cool.  I will shamelessly admit that The Brady Bunch was my favorite show growing up and that I had the biggest crush on Greg Brady.  Just for the was the reruns I was watching.  I am no where near that old:)

Have a groovy week darlings!  (hehe)

Love bunches,


  1. Loooove that dress. Great print!!

  2. my dear you make the prettiest model! and what a stunning place to live! lots of thinking space.

  3. you are cooler than a cucumber!
    (see now that wasn't cool at all. :P)
    i love the print on your always (we say this to each other a lot.. ;P) you look beautiful.
    i love the little ducks in the background.
    have a wonderful week, Marisa!

  4. Haha! I was definitely a Brady Bunch junkie also..actually I was in love with any old show from the seventies! Love your beautiful printed dress-and the bow in your hair is the perfect accessory!

  5. is this the dress you said looked similar to the modcloth one? it's beautiful, nevertheless. you are such a cutie! xo

  6. What a gorgeous area!! I am very jealous. I love this dress, it's got such a pretty pattern on it. And the light colours on you looks so fantastic :)

  7. OMG I loved it to! (the reruns lol)
    great dress very Brady Bunch for sure
    XX Ilana

  8. the scenery looks so pretty, it must be a lovely place to live. i used to watch the brady bunch and the wonder years every night! hehe

  9. What a fabulous find! That dress is so pretty. You look lovely!

  10. beautiful pictures, it really doesn´t seem as you have winter;) and i think each monday should be like this!!! really love this pics, the sunlight, the lake and you....everything seems so in perfect harmony and warm and full of life and love!
    wish you a fantastic week!

  11. All your photos have such beautiful colours!! Loving this!
    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  12. Cute print on your dress! Sounds like you had a busy weekend and I know what you mean - it can be kinda overwhelming sometimes.

    Emily x

  13. What a gorgeous area to live in :) And your dress is so lovely, especially the neckline detail <3

  14. I love the close up shot of you! So beautiful and I can't believe such beauty exists in PA!

  15. i found you through lori. i love your blog and you are absolutely darling. your photos and backdrop are real art...beautiful blog!

  16. You look adorable!! Love the print of the dress!! I just left you a comment at your interview in A Little Slice of Special blog!! :))

  17. Your hair looks super lovely in these photos :) I especially like the lake in the background with all the ducks swimming around, it's getting me all excited for the Spring time! x

  18. I actually loveeeee the wallpaper that was in the girls' bedroom of The Brady Bunch. So much so that I had sheets that were similar to it. Love your background and your photos make me think I'm so cold.

  19. How cute are you with that bow in your hair?! xo

  20. I love your dress! And that lake looks so beautiful! It seems like it would be a nice place to visit in summer :)

  21. such a pretty outfit:) looks adorable..really!!!
    A quiet day in such a beautiful place,it just seems just perfect:)

  22. adorable floral dress and cute bow in your hair

  23. Can I just take a moment and awe at your pictures!? I love love love the one of you smiling up close! So gorgeous! You look stunning in that floral dress and mint cardigan :)!

    Haha, you are so adorable! I wish I could say I grew up watching sitcoms like that. I grew up with 90s cartoons and Disney movies. Cats Don't Dance and Mulan were my all time favorite cartoon movies when I was growing up. :) Haha! Random!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend darling! Also, it's so great to hear that things are going so well in your new town. I hope you continue to "blossom", hehe!


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