Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where the Pretty Things Hide

“Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Outfit Details: Sweater, Handbag & Head Scarf: Thrifted//Shorts: Asos//Turtle Brooch: Vintage//
Orange Watch: Gift from Hubby//Shoes: UO








These photos were from last month when my mom and I spent an afternoon out perusing through a local antique gallery and old fabric store.  Though now that we are entering fall, it seems a little inappropriate to do such a summery post,  however I just couldn't resist as it was indeed such a lovely afternoon spent amongst buried treasures, pretty trinkets, and prized relics.  It was funny, I didn't intend on snapping any photos on this day, but my mom offered and once we got started I kind of got caught up in all the color and texture surrounding me in this magical little place...luckily it was  Sunday afternoon and not many people were around to witness our getting carried away.  The fabric store brought me back to my days as a young girl when my grandmother and mother use to take me to pick out a pattern and fabric for my Easter and Christmas dresses my grandmother used to make for me.  They were beyond gorgeous and I always loved tagging along on the adventure of finding the perfect pattern, paging through the catalogue table and getting lost amongst the racks of fabric...perhaps even hiding under them:)

Now that I have taken my own little trip down memory lane, I do hope you are having one lovely week.
Do you have any memories of special places you used to go when you were young?
Do tell:)

Have a splendid weekend darlings!



  1. As we are currently in spring here in Australia, I don't mind this summery post one bit :) Going into sewing stores is a memory I have too! Although, getting pricked by pins whilst trying on half finished dresses is much more vivid ...
    Kelly xo

  2. The fabric store looks amazing.

    When I was young I used to go to the carpets, and rugs store. I still remember the specific smell of these new carpets.

  3. your just soo cute i love those shorts!

  4. I wish I did things like this with my mom, but she is such a homebody. This looks like it was a fun day and you look super adorable :)

  5. love the pictures in the fabric store and your outfit colors!

  6. I love you in shorts! Especially those shorts, the colour is amazing. You and your mum look really lovely. I went shopping with my mum last night for the first time in a year, so much fun!

  7. Love your outfit dear! It's best to post this while the weather is still semi hot, haha.

    And one more thing. Your mother is gorgeous!!

  8. what a beautiful sunday, what a beautiful memories :)the fabric store look so unique, i think very rare to find that kind of store in here.
    you look very sweet, marisa, i love the way you wear your t-shirt, look cute mixed with the short :) and your mom also, she look beautiful, somehow remind me of my mom :)

    i think i have one special place when i was very young... it's my grands house :) have a nice week, marisa!

  9. I love how u write about the fabric store , places which brings back a lot of good old memories :)

    and i am glad you had such a wonderful day out with your mum

    And Marisa , cute cute cute outfit ♥

  10. The fabric store looks so cute! Sadly we dont have any near us :( I love the shorts and top! It's just so perfect for summer - I don't blame you for posting these photos, plus, it's nice to look back on them haha :)

  11. I have way too many special place stories to share from when I was younger; you've kind of inspired me to do a post about that now actually! But wow I love these photos- they're so summery but I love all the different textures you can see and the colours! :D Great post!

  12. pretty blouse and headband dear! love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  13. i really like your pictures! it's like i'm catching up images from some fairy tale story!

    happy weekend!

    jos xx

  14. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

  15. I love the sweet headband! I'm always considering them, but then I chicken out because I'm not used to wearing things on my head all the time! :)

  16. Great pictures!! The sewing/craft store is so cool! I always love walking down the aisles and browsing! Cool headband and I love the colour of your shorts!!

    Just to let you know my giveaway is up and running:
    Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)

    x Aliya

  17. I adore this outfit - gorgeous colour of your shorts :)

  18. this looks like such a lovely day! & you look just as adorable as ever.

  19. oh my glory filled eyes! you among all the fabulous fabrics, spools and assorted sewing fineness is simply stunning! i loved going on days like this with my mom, she can't walk so well anymore but i sure remember those times fondly. your mom is super sweet, i can see where you get your style passion from. she looks like one well turned out lady!

    bring on the summery goodness, i'm so sad to fold up my shorts and push floaty springtime frocks to the back of the closet. you are the epitome of darling, just don't know a better word and i use it all the time to describe you but can't help it.

    happy weekend sweetness, thanks for the comment - it was awesome to hear you scoped out coconut water and lychee flavor even?! sounds incredibly tasty! xoox ♥

  20. omg marisa!! you have been in heaven!! i mean this incredible fabric store!!!oh how i wish i could shop there i would be the happiest girl in the world and i´m sure i would have 3 or 4 new dresses to make haha really amazing pictures!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  21. Oh dear god, this place looks amazing! I want to live here <3

  22. SUCH a gorgeous backdrop for photos Marisa, I love this set of pictures so much! <3

  23. Oh My God, This Is So Good!

    Lisa <3

  24. Oh, what a gorgeous setting for photos, amongst all the color! I love going to visit my mama and spending the afternoon with her-shopping and whatnot-definitely some of my favorite memories :)
    Super sweet photos :D

  25. looks so fun! <3 I would LOVE to visit! :)

    love, polly

  26. You're so pretty in this outfit! I love the scarf used like an headband, so cool!

    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  27. These are amazing pictures. What an awesome shop!!

  28. This post looks like Heaven!! And you look like you are were you belong amongst all this beauty!

    You look so much like your mother, it's so sweet! You both are gorgeous!

    My mom is blonde with blue eyes (!!) and she always wished we had looked alike more :)

    Virginie ♥


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