Friday, March 6, 2015

Outfits: Summer Daze

Shirt, Bag, Shoes: Vintage - thrifted
Scarf: Modcloth
Shorts: UO

Hello and happy friday darlings!

No, I'm not on vacation.  Gosh, do I wish I was though!  It may be safe to say that my little home on this mountainside has endured it's last bad snow of the winter season...ok, so probably wishful thinking considering where I live, but I'm keeping a sunny outlook, ya know?  So as it goes, I was looking back through the archives and stumbled across this post of photos that never got published and boy was I ever in the mood to throw on a pair of sandals, shorts, and tie up my top again.  

Anyways, last September, the little fam and ventured yet again down to Hilton Head Island for a week of sand and sun.  This is pretty much what it looked like.  French pastries for breakfast watching the sunrise, morning bike rides under the palm trees, long days at the beach, lunch by the pool, seafood dinners, and evening strolls and trips for gelatos...yep perfect and a definite contrast to every day normal life.  As winter has been very busy and a little rough, I pretty much so dream of weeks like this with plenty of blue skies, no stress, and living at a very slow pace.   Don't we all?

So there you have, I'm in a summer daze looking out my window at the white winter snow as I grip my cup of coffee tightly to keep my hands warm.  I'm surely counting down the days til spring, tying up my tops and baring my legs once again.

Wishing you simplicity and sunshine for the weekend ahead,
Love bunches, 


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you posted this- it's one of my favorite posts from you! Although that's actually too hard to pick because I love your style so much :) I always feel like I struggle with the casual chic vacation looks and I'm totally remembering this for future inspiration! The patterns, the colors, the silhouette- perfection. I'm going to start stalking ebay for some of those shorts- love the high waist and length so much! Have a good weekend m'dear!

  2. i love your shorts, the colour and the cut both are so cute! and the print of the shirt and the rest of the outfit is so lovely, too. and i do wish the weather would be like this soon, haha! i'm sure spring will make its way there soon enough, as well. xx

  3. I just posted some thoughts on my daydreaming about summer - ahhhhhhh. This outfit is so sunny in itself, what gorgeous photos!


  4. A dreamy outfit for a dreamy trip, it sounds like!

  5. super cute outfit! love the head scarf!

    lacee swan

  6. I love that you found this summery, cute outfit to share! Those yellow shorts are wonderfully cheerful and the scenery in these pictures is gorgeous.

    Jamie |

  7. Um.... I'm so in love with these yellow shorts! I love this little photo session that you found! It's so beautiful there... I think everyone is missing the sun and warmer weather right about now. This is one of my favorite little outfits of yours! Loving the headscarf as well! What a beautiful family you have!

  8. What a beautiful flashback... it makes me longing for vacation too! The way you spent your days in this beautiful place sounds so perfect - sunrise, bicycle rides and pastries. I would love that too :) Your shorts are really pretty!
    And thank you a lot for your last sweet comment!
    Sending you much love!

  9. Those shorts are kind of perfection! I'm so dreaming of this kind of weather too!


  10. ahh those shorts are so cute and look so comfy! these do look like vacation photos, which I'm sure we all need at this point!

  11. Hi, Marisa!
    Such a beautiful photos! And so so cute outfit!
    Your photos are great so I cannot wait for summer!



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