Thursday, March 26, 2015

Outfits: A Bug's Life

Outfit Details:
Blouse (Gap), Bag (Vintage), and Shoes (Vintage): Thrifted
Necklace: Gift from the Mr.
Hat: Modcloth, Gift from mom
Tights: Modcloth

Hello, hello there, 

Just a little pop in to say hello, while the wee fam and I are currently hanging out in Philly while the Mr. was invited to speak at several classes at the University we graduated from.  It's always fun to get out of town for a bit, but I will admit as it's been commonplace for us lately, I've definitely tired of living out of a suitcase, ya know?  On a brighter note, I will always welcome any alone time that the Mr. and I can spend together!   

Anyhow, this time around I've packed mostly thrifted or gifted items which I will admit, gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that under $20 was spent putting this look together.  I was ever so lucky as a duck that the very sweet Taylor, of Nothing but a Pigeon, was cleaning out her wardrobe and offered up this cheery eyelety orange frock for grabs.  Of course I grabbed it!  Along with that I had the best week ever of thrift finds which included this bug covered blouse and authentic Danish clogs circa the 70s.  Yeah, score for me!

Which brings me to this point: As new dresses are making there way into shop windows and gracing the pages of our favorite clothing sites, it's hard not to become tempted to drop some dough.  However I'm sticking to my guns and refraining from buying things I truly don't need, thrifting as much as I can, and occasionally shopping sales.  How about you?  Do you find yourself purchasing a new wardrobe with the change of the season or do you pinch your pennies and buy secondhand?

Do share!

Love Bunches, 


  1. The change of seasons is really what tempts me too! I've been resisting and sticking to thrifting as well, that was part of the commitment to starting my business- nipping the impulse buys :) But hopefully it will make for better long term habits! I scored a couple of Taylor's pieces too- yay for hand me downs! I hope you're enjoying your time in Philly- I love lots of little getaways! Oh, and good score on those shoes!!

  2. I am so with you... I see all these beautiful Spring clothes everywhere and I feel so tempted to buy lots of new clothes, but I, once again, set the goalto buy second hand only (and yes, occasionally on sales). Lets see for much longer I can resist. So far it works quite well .)
    You look wonderful in this orange dress and I love the background of where you took these pictures!
    Thanks a lot for your last sweet comment!

  3. This outfit is one of my favorites ever, oh my! The orange color is great on you (love its texture too) and seriously that bug blouse is just magic :) Thanks for the reminder about being wise with our clothing budgets, sometimes I get discouraged at the thrift stores but I think it's time to make the rounds again! :D


  4. That blouse & shoes are thrifted?! NO WAY! What gorgeous finds!
    I've been finding that, with the help of my 'year of thrift' challenge, I'm pretty OK in terms of not wanting to spend money for spring - however I have been daydreaming of summer and wishfully thinking about a new bathing suit, hehe!

    ps. YOU WON the giveaway on my blog! You said you don't use twitter much so I wanted to contact you here too, just in case. Send me your mailing info at katia.engell (At) Congrats Marisa :) !

  5. Love the orange dress! I always need to go shopping when the seasons change. It can't be helped!

  6. The change of seasons totally does the same for me too! Lucky for us shop owners, that also usually means other people are shopping too ;)
    I am in love with this big print blouse, what an amazing thrift find. I hope all is well with you lovely lady!
    xo Hannah

  7. Yay! It looks super cute on you! I love it...can I have it back? Just kidding! Ha ha! I'm glad you are getting good use out of it and orange is such a fun color. I love that buggy top you're wearing.... that makes the outfit even more fun!

  8. i love the orange dress, such a fun colour! and you've made such good finds, i'm really liking the shirt! and i definitely feel the need to get some new clothes as the seasons change, especially in springtime, haha:-) but i can mostly contain myself i think. i really need to go to more second hand shops though, haven't been doing that too much lately! xx

  9. Love the orange on you! I don't think I could ever pull off that color. It's so fun though! I try to always buy second hand unless there are certain pieces I feel like I "need" and can't find! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  10. This bug print blouse is so perfect. What a fun print! I love the orange dress layered over it too. I try really hard not to buy new clothes I don't really need but it's hard to resist sometimes. I need to get back into thrifting more often instead of buying new stuff!

    Jamie |


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