Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outfits: Greater Lengths

Top & Shoes: Modcloth (sale)
Skirt: Swapped via Taylor, Nothing but a Pigeon
Jacket: Target
Scarf, Brooch, & Purchase: Vintage, thrifted

 Hello there,

I'm back, I'm back here on my corner of the blogasphere.  It's been a busy couple weeks on my side of the mountain and I'm not sure that's ending anytime soon.  How has your fall been going so far?

This past weekend saw me at a lobster bbq/shrimp boil with friends and out for a hockey game & pizza with some more.   As much as a homebody that I can be, I think that the best way to be busy is in the company of good people.  Wouldn't all your introverts like me out there agree?

Anyhow, these photos were taken during a weekend that we were in Philly.  Could you tell?  This pretty lil spot, known as Plane Spotter's Place shows up on ye ole blog time and time again because it's a favorite pastime escape of the Mr. and I.  As the wind was a-howlin, I opted for a longer skirt (swapped via Taylor) - not something I do very often because I am a wee height of 5'2.  But you know what?...I kind of loved the ease of wearing it in this transitional weather - so thank you Taylor, for sending this basic beauty my way.  

That's just about all for now.  Out of curiosity...what kinds of pieces are currently not part of your daily style that you would love to give a try every now and then?  

Love Bunches,


  1. These photos are GORGEOUS! Glad to have you back! Falls been lovely here in Ohio so far!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. ah, that skirt is so lovely on you! and the photos look beautiful:-) your weekend sounds very nice, and i do agree that's the best way to be busy! xx

  3. Midi & maxi skirts are definitely out of my normal style too, but I've been dabbling a bit :) It's funny how we can feel too short for them but I think this looks perfect on you! I love the turtle brooch, a fun detail that matches your shirt and surroundings. I totally agree, nothing sounds better than being at home but I always end up having the best time out with friends :)

  4. you look so amazing <3 i love your skirt. i wish i looked so good as you :)

  5. Oh!
    Such a beautiful place and cute photos!
    Have a lovely weekend♡


  6. I am a-loving you in this green color. So pretty and brings out your eyes :)

    Also- 100% agreeing with you that a laid back atmosphere is how I want to hang with people.

  7. Your shoes are so cute. I like the idea of longer skirts but I think they will make me look shorter.

  8. Whee, height twins (is that a thing?) Like you, I was very hesitant to try maxi skirts. Moreso, what I avoid are skirts with a high-lo hemline, I feel that they make my already short legs look shorter! You look great Marisa! Love the pretty background of these photos and your turtle brooch!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  9. You look so cute! The skirt is much longer and looser than I bet you though huh? I got it at a thrift store and I think the elastic was a little stretched out. I love the skirt though and it was a great find to add to my wardrobe. I'm glad you liked it and I just love seeing how you style certain pieces!


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