Thursday, October 23, 2014

Outfits: A Girl and her Cupcake

Sweater: Target 
Skirt: Gap
Blouse: UO
Hat, Bag & Boots: Thrifted, Vintage

 photo DSC_0109.jpg

Oh hello there darlings, 

Say hello to my autumn uniform... It seems that these fall days have brought overcast skies and buckets of rain my way so a cozy sweater, wool hat, and heavy tights are where it is at.   Rain or not, this cupcake sweater and the rest of the ensemble have made it's way into rotation at least once a week if not twice if I am being honest.  I just love sweaters and wooly hats this time of year...and cupcakes too.  Yep, I even wore it on an outing to the corn maze and pumpkin patch with my son's preschool class.    And yes, I am fully aware that this may not have been the most practical outfit to romp around the corn fields alongside of 4 year olds especially as the rest of the parents were perfectly comfy in their jeans and sweatshirts.  You know us bloggers though, we just love finding reasons to "dress up", so a corn maze sounded like a pretty swell reason to me.  Wouldn't you agree?

How about you?  What's your autumn uniform consist of?  

Until next bunches, 


  1. I love that sweater! I make cupcake hats and I made myself a cupcake print dress but now I must search for a cupcake sweater. <3 (my free cupcake hat pattern)

  2. Gah this sweater! Is it an older one? I can't seem to find it on the Target website. I did manage to snag their newer donut sweater though, which is almost as cute as this :) You look simply adorable.

    xox Sammi

  3. Ha- I had a similar wardrobe experience when I went home to Oregon last week, most the clothes I brought were not the most practical for playing with my 5 & 3 year old nephews :) I love your fall uniform, that beret is so cute! I have to admire your look from afar because it's just too darn warm for me to wear something like this yet!

  4. I love sweaters that have cute foods on it - I have a donut covered one from F21 that is just the yummiest. This cupcake one looks the COZIEST! I'm sure you were fine and cozy too at the corn maze, and lookin' extra cute to boot! Haha

  5. I love the floral details in your look. This is such a fun and fresh Fall look!

  6. The floral top with the cupcake sweater is surprisingly adorable - I would never have thought of that!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  7. I totally agree- this is a great outfit to romp with kids in (says the teacher. I might be a bit biased since that's my job description. But kids love adults in nice clothes so much more. It is uncanny how much they notice those things).

    I love the collar with the print sticking out along the neckline the most- it is that perfect crowning touch, as is (more literally) the hat!

  8. that's pretty much my autumn uniform as well, although it's already getting colder here so that you do need a jacket on top of that on most days:-) that cupcake sweater is the sweetest and i love the print of the collar peeking out! corn maze is a good reason indeed, you and your family look so lovely with your little pumpkins and everything! xx

  9. This is completely adorable- I NEED this sweater! Cupcakes are my thing!! Is it an old purchase? You know, I bet the kids felt comfortable since you were wearing fun, colorful clothing that they can actually relate to.

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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