Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Outfits: Classy Girls

Dress: Swapped via Taylor, Nothing but a Pigeon
Hat: UO
Cardi: Target
Bag: Vintage, belonged to grandmother
Shoes: Miss L Fire, Modcloth

Long time, no blog, right?  Yes, I'm a bit guilty of it I suppose, but summers are made for getting out and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, so I can't make any apologies for that.  The lake has been where it's at lately and I'm just enjoying every last bit before our short summers here in northeast, PA start to cool down again.

Anyhow, I'm back today with a swap from my Flock Together friend, Taylor or Nothing but a Pigeon.  This is my second time around styling this polka-dotted-pretty and this time around I kept the colors more subtle and pastel which meant it was the perfect opportunity to break out my ice cream shoes.  Though I admit, this is much more dressed up than what I've been lately as days around the house or at the lake lend themselves to bathing suits or shorts and a tied up button down, there's nothing like putting on a pleated polka dotted dress and going out for coffee and chocolate filled croissants...and for groceries.  Yes, I do dress up to do my grocery run at times.  How about you?  

Well that's all for now.  Wishing you a terrific Tuesday!
Love Bunches, 


  1. That cardigan is so pretty, and omg those Miss L-Fire shoes!! I'm swooning!

    xox Sammi

  2. you are retro queen <3

  3. OMG such a beautiful vintage look:). look at those fabulous shoes. You are an incredible on creative. Hope you have a wonderful week so far:).


  4. Those ice cream shoes are incredible. They're so cute and quirky! You look lovely in polka dots, and these photos have a gorgeous summery vibe to them :) I'm all for getting dressed up to go to the shop! xx


  5. Nothing wrong with stepping away from the computer for a bit and you look as lovely as ever.

  6. I love every piece in this outfit! It's such a cute and unique look. I am especially loving that hat :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  7. This look is so French schoolgirl; I love it, right down to the polka dots! The shoes give it a nice, quirky edge. How great is Modcloth?

    I'm glad you're enjoying your summer; this time of year, there's nothing more important than squeezing out every last drop of sunlight.

    I'm with you on dressing up to grocery shop once in a while. Somehow, it makes stocking up on milk and bread seem like an adventure.

  8. Such a cute look for summer :) And hanging out by the lake sounds so relaxing. I'm definitely jealous haha.

  9. Did you turn that dress backwards? That looks so cool and get outta here with those shoes!!!! I adore them. You styled this dress awesome and I love that you did it twice... I guess I never thought about getting that extra post in with borrowed clothes. Ha ha. You are such a doll!

  10. Love the color and detailing of that cardigan. And those shoes are adorable. They look very appropriate for candy store shopping. :)

  11. You look fantastic and these photos are so gorgeous. Yes, I get dressed up to go get groceries too! Hey, it's just as easy to put a skirt on than it is yoga pants, right?! xo

  12. This is a lovely look. Relaxed yet classy/dressy.

  13. Holy cow- those shoes are so fun!!! I'm glad you're enjoying your summer and I agree that perfect weather is not to be wasted! What a cool bag and I love that it was your grandmothers. Another sweet as can be look from you, m'dear.

  14. How a lovely style! I love your shoes.
    Are you enjoy summer? I want to go somewhere in the summer too!
    Have a nice weekend♡


  15. Those shoes are killing me, they are SO cute! Working from home, I often get dressed up to do the littlest things when it involves leaving the house haha!

  16. I am actually glad that you have not blogged as much because I have not either and I have less blogs to keep up with becausue you are not the only one and neither am I! hehehe. Glad you have been having a lot of fun this summer with your family! You look lovely!!!


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