Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Outfits: Poprocks // Mata Traders Remix Challenge

Hat: Thrifted
Necklace & Bag: Antique Malls
Shoes: Modcloth

Happy hump day darlings!

Today I'm bringing you my second installment from the Mata Traders Remix Challenge of my Summerfest House - printed dress.  This time around, I wanted to keep it simple - no layers!  It's such a great dress, it actually doesn't need any which is why it's quite perfect for a hot and humid day like this scorcher.

As I kept the color palette neutral last time around - this time I wanted to add small pops of brights - red, turquoise, a smidgen of jade green in my hat and I was feeling quite fancy and fine.  You know because pops of color rock.  Get it...pops rock?  Ok that was super cheesy, but color always puts me in a festive and chipper sort of mood, so there you go.

As I mentioned before, Mata Traders is a super cool Fair Trade Company can read more about them HERE or in my previous remix post.  Their products are beautiful and made with care and quality by women across India and Nepal.  As a little bonus right now - take 10% off your order on the Mata Traders site with the code MATA_SHADES .  There are so many lovelies to choose from, take a peek and see what I mean.

Well I gotta run, but I'll see ya real soon.
Love Bunches,


  1. I love that dress, its such a fun print. Im gonna check out Mata Traders! Also I just want to point out that you have the most adorable hats, like this one. I really want to venture into owning some more summer hats.

  2. this is such an adorable outfit! the print of the dress is so fun, and i just love that hat! not to mention that you look beautiful:-) xx

  3. I just love all the bright touches of color in this outfit. Blue and red always look cute together and blue and green is a favorite color combination too - so all of them together is fantastic! Such a cool pattern on your dress too.

  4. I can't get over your hat. It looks so adorable on you :)

  5. Super adorable look:). And wow to your thrift hat.I want one too:). I love it when it one of a kind thing in store:). oxox.

    Have a good day sweety!

  6. Fairtrade clothing is jsut such a great thing and I really hope that there will be more and more fair trade brand coming up. It makes me so sad to see all the exploitation related to clothing and fashion in the world :(
    Anyhow, you look so pretty is this cute dress and the forest with the small dots of sunshine in it is so beautiful!
    Thank you for your comment!
    Lots of love!

  7. Oh that print is fantastic- and the red shoes give it a Ruby Slipper vibe.

  8. Sounds like a good company, I loved the green handbag with your outfit, it caught my eye when I glanced at it online. Really lovely dress on you!
    Have a great weeeknd.xx/Madison
    Pastel Splendour

  9. These photos in the wood are great. I really like the one with the shoes and the log. Makes me want to go for a nice walk somewhere like that. I hope you're doing well!

  10. You are so darling! You're right- this dress doesn't even need layers, with such a cute print. Love the red shoes and the forest pics!

  11. Gorgeous dress. LOVE the shoes. You always look so fantastic!

  12. You look adorable and I love those shoes!!! That dress is so sweet and I just love the little necklace and the hat!

  13. I'm seriously jealous of your dress collection. I need to check out Matas Traders and pick something from them!!


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