Monday, February 3, 2014

Outfits: Banana Cream Pie

Outfit Details:
Dress: Swapped with Amy
Cardi: Steinmart
Hat: Target
Shirt, Brooch, Bag: Vintage
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Michael Kors via Marshall's

Hello there darlings, 

Another super snowy Monday is at I sound like a broken record yet?  Ha, I think I'm on my second cup of coffee this morning and I've only been out of bed for a couple hours.  Certainly, it's going to be a day of staying inside, bundling up and keeping warm here on this frosty covered mountainside.  That's ok though - I'm resolving to spend this day indoors catching up on hemming up my pile of recently thrifted dresses and maybe even whipping up a batch of banana muffins...because anything sweet warms the soul.  How about you?  Are you stuck indoors today as well?

As for what I'm wearing...I spotted this banana cream pie colored vintage cutie up for swaps from fella Flock Together gal, Amy and I couldn't help but be drawn to how soft and comfy it looked!  Of course I was smitten with how Amy styled it and was planning on copying her completely from head to toe being that wore a headscarf and the cutest bow-toe heels ever.

I guess the dress gods had different plans for me though because boy was I swimming in this dress when I tried it on!  Sometimes I forget how much shorter I am than everyone else...ha!  Oh well, nothing that a sash and plenty of layers can't take care of, right?  Now everything is peachy keen.

So that's that.  Wishing you one peachy keen Monday darlings!  
Love Bunches, 


  1. It looks like fall in these photos?!!? Those boots are fantastic, I love the buttons up the side!


  2. i love that outfit! you look beautiful in it!

  3. the dress really looks soft and comfy, and also very pretty on you! and the heart print cardi adds some more sweetness to the outfit:-) haha, i wish i was forced to stay in because of the weather as doing it by choice makes me just look lazy! xx

  4. Love the buttercup yellow with the plaid peaking through, so adorable! I have basically the same day ahead of me, lots of hemming to do (but unfortunately I have to venture out to the doctor and the dreaded post office too before we get even more snow tomorrow)! Could definitely go for some warm muffins with my coff right about now!

    xo Hannah

  5. Banana bread (or muffins) is edible happiness. Something so cozy and content about it.

  6. Awe, that cardigan is so pretty! And now I want coffee and banana cream pie from Marie Calender's, hehehe.

    Seriously? You're short!? I always thought you were tall; you look tall in the pics! ;) Everybody is always taller than me, I'm only 5'2", haha.

    Have a wonderful week, sweet Marisa!

  7. I seriously love your whole outfit M! You look absolutely amazing. That bag is so incredibly adorable, I have a vintage afghan that is hunter green that is the exact pattern! My mom has one as well and it is the exact same one as your bag, same colors and everything! So I think that's pretty awesome :).
    I really love the banana color of that dress as well! It really suits you. and I love your comment where you said "because anything sweet warms the soul." How incredibly true!

  8. I do love how you put patterns together <3 <3 and banana muffins sound lovely, hope you're staying warm with all that snow! xx

  9. I wish I could've stayed in yesterday with my sewing machine and a banana muffin! I have a bunch of thrifted dresses waiting to be hemmed as well..maybe tonight.
    Love the cardigan btw
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  10. Hi, Today is so cold day in Tokyo too! Your fashion is so cute! I love your heart knit.
    Take care of yourself!


  11. That dress is the perfect shade of banana cream pie! And I love the pretty cardi you've paired with it. It's been snowing all day today, so I went home really early from work and am camped out indoors for how long? who knows these days!

  12. Im sorry to read that you are stuck inside so much recently. Here we had a very warm winter. It was only cold for maybe two weeks in total since the beginning of december. We had some snow recently but it melted away again after only a few days. I have to say that I am not that sad about the warm temperatures ;)
    I love your outfit! The green tights go so well with the banana-dress and the dress itself is so cute! And everything together looks really cozy and warm. And I guess thats after all what matters most these days on the other side of the ocean ;)!?
    Lots of love!

  13. Once again you've killed it with the layers! I love glimpse of teal peeking out with your tights. I hope you stay warm, now you've got me craving banana cream pie :)

  14. Banana pie, peachy keen--darn you, I'm hungry! You're so cute in soft yellow :)

  15. That dress is so adorable - I love the color on you! And that bag is so perfect! I hear about about being stuck inside - I was only about to go to work two days this week - crazzzzy.



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