Friday, August 2, 2013

Southern Bound

Dress: Ruche (borrowed from sister)
Scarf: Modcloth
Bag: Vintage - Antique Mall
Shoes: JCrew Outlet (gift from mother)

Hello hello!

Just a quick pop in today as I am officially southern bound at the moment.  That's right - Florida here I come!  If you remember - months back, the youth drama team that I coach competed in a state-wide competition and made it onto the national level in Florida so that's exactly where I am headed at the moment.  Fingers crossed and wish us luck - it shall be one loverly loverly time!

Now as I am en route...I have plenty of time to catch up with you darlings that I have missed so much!  

Oh and for all you sweet gals who have asked for me to show some baby pics of Clayt - I promise they are coming now my lil ol Mac is back from the doctor's ;-)

Talk very soon!
Love bunches, 


  1. So cute! Would have loved to see a close up of your nails! They look so fun.
    What a pretty dress <3

  2. Have fun in Florida!! And good luck to your team, that sounds so exciting :) I love this polka dot dress with the mustard cardigan, such a pretty colour combination

  3. oh goodness, your picnic basket here!? i am so in love! i love the scarf tied up in your hair paired with the other colors in your outfit. have a magical trip!

    lindsey louise

  4. You look wonderful Marisa, I really love you sister's dress on you! Its so nice to see you mixing all your primary colors in again, they are my favorite on you!Have a wonderful time at the competition and good luck! Can't wait to see more baby boy pictures :)
    xo Hannah

  5. Break a leg to your team!

    Also- I was looking at the outfit thinking "Could this get any cuter?"

    A totally rhetorical questions since the answer was clearly no. And then- I see you basket.

    And then died of cuteness. Seriously!

  6. There's something so perfect about a navy polka dot dress! Especially when paired with a yellow cardigan. This dress really looks great on you. I love the scarf you wore in your hair too.

  7. I love the colour combo in this outfit and the basket purse is too cute. Enjoy your trip to Florida. Congrats to your team. They must be really good.

  8. Gorgeous dress, love the neck details and that cute picnic bag <3

  9. i'm always SO in love with your head scarves- this one in particular is totally magnificent! and you're so lucky you have a sister. all i can borrow from my brothers is like...plaid -__- And woot, congrats on making it to the finals, good luck!!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. I love your dress, you look amazing !

  11. You look so cute - I absolutely love that little picnic basket purse!

    Have a great time in Florida and good luck! :)


  12. I love your picnic basket purse! I have a similar one with owls and I'm always afraid to use it :) You look darling, what a pretty mama! Have fun in Florida- I hope they win! I want to hear more about your jobs someday, they sound very interesting/creative!

  13. Me encanta este look!!!

  14. What whimsical photos! I love your scarf.

  15. Oh how exciting! Good luck to your team! Do you get to do anything fun while you're there besides compete? I love this dress of your sister's! I've been stealing a lot of my sister's clothing lately as it!
    And I can't wait for pics of your little one! :D

  16. Marisa- I loooooove this outfit! How adorable you are! The collar of this dress is so pretty, and I am totally gah gah over your basket purse! You never cease to amaze me in how gorgeous you are- and always so inspiring. Have fun on your trip :0)


  17. I love you can mix blue, red, yellow, and green and still come out with something so stylish. Primary colors are the bane of me!

    Best of luck to you and your team! Congrats on making it to the nationals. :)

  18. That strawberry basket is so darling! And that dress?! I don't think you can give it back. :) Lots of love.

  19. Hattitude Style Blog

    i love this outfit marissa. navy and yellow are my favourites. I know i've asked before..but i never can seem to get my hair scarf to go like yours. I think you may have to post a tutorial haha
    have so much fun in florida and I can't wait to see photos of the little guy when you get back!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  20. I love that last picture especially Marisa!

    perfectly priya


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