Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Little Sunshine and Some Tea

Dress: Topshop (2010) 
Jacket: Target 
Floral Crown: DIY 
Necklace: Vintage from Mom 
Boots: Vintage, thrifted

Hello, hello again,

I can't tell you how many times the Mr. and I go back to this little spot tucked away behind the airport when we are in Philly.  It holds some of the sweetest summer memories for us that go 10 years back - Jeff Buckley and Zwan playing in the CD player of his old Mercury Sable, while we laid out on the hood watching the planes fly so closely overhead or sipping coffee at the water's edge.  Who doesn't love simple moments like this when time seems to stand still?  Life is busy these days - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just that I absolutely adore quiet places and moments like this one when we have just ourselves and whatever nature surrounds us.  Cheers to finding more of those beneath the summer sun :-).  

Hope this Wednesday finds you well darlings!
Love Bunches, 


  1. You look so pretty in pastels and you always have the cutest boots :) Cool flower crown too. This looks like a great spot to go and wind down.

  2. you look so picture perfect... those boots are amazing! i've missed your posts so much!! hope you had a great summer, marisa xoxo

  3. You look gorgeous, and I love your necklace! xx

  4. I am loooving this look, that pink babydoll dress is so sweet!! It looks perfect paired with the denim jacket and your floral crown. Love the boots with this look a lot!
    That's so sweet you guys have such good memories there, that sounds like fun watching the planes come in!

  5. The blush pink dress with the pastel flower crown is just perfect! Is this a new flower crown you made?! I am obsessed with the gorgeous hydrangeas and color palette! I love shooting by an airport by me too, but its just a teeny local one with glider planes and stuff! Also, can't believe those boots are thrifted, I kind of can't wait to start pairing boots and dresses all the time again.
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  6. Cute outfit, pretty in pink as well
    Love that necklace!

  7. Marisa, I am in love with your floral crown!!! Can you like...make me one of those?! Seriously, it's gorgeous!

    I saw this outfit on the style gallery and it really caught my eye, you look adorable! Hope all is well in your corner of the world, and that you have a day as lovely as you are! <3

    xo, Alyssa

  8. I totally agree, I love lazy simple moments like this, they seem to get more and more rare all the time!! Sounds like a really special place for you guys (bonus that it's a beautiful picture-taking spot as well). Your mom seems to be a treasure chest of vintage finds!! Now that makes sense where you got it from. Love the sweet pink dress + the denim. Happy Wednesday to you!

    perfectly priya

  9. Ohhh this is so pretty! What a beautiful floral crown and dress, and I love the boots! I'm glad you're able to take advantage of these quiet moments :)

    xox Sammi

  10. You are so right. It's great to find those quiet spots to go and just to 'be'. It really looks like a nice relaxing place.

    I am so taken by your beautiful necklace. It is so special especially since your mom gave it to you.

  11. nice pics!
    it looks so calm and chill out!

  12. What a perfect spot! I love the sweet dress with the boots and socks.


  13. I love what you say about those quiet moments when the world seems to stand still! Beautiful! And I totally know what you mean :) Love your little dress and I think you look relly good with glasses! It seems as if I will not be able to wear contacts again so I will have to get to used to my glasses... but that's okay as I just got two new pairs and now I just see them as a nice accessoire :)
    Have a wonderful weekend pretty lady!

    Lots of love!

  14. that dress, jacket and floral crown look perfect together! and the spot sounds lovely, especially with such sweet memories attached to it:-) xx

  15. The pink is very delicate and pretty.

    Also, I really like you in glasses like that.

  16. that pendant is gorgeous.. and loving the flowers in your hair too, I never have the guts to wear my flower crowns anywhere other than a festival! xxx

  17. the title...the flower crown... and jeff buckley<3

  18. What a neat spot! I love your pretty pink dress. Very feminine and fun.

  19. That dress is just so adorable! And that flower crown is just so perfect too! I can see why you keep going back to that spot - so perfect!


  20. Hattitude Style Blog

    marissa i love this look. those new glasses are so fun on you. you are looking quite dreamy in that soft pink.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  21. this might be my new favorite outfit of yours! i love the colors here and the dress is literally making me so happy right now!

    lindsey louise

  22. How cute! Sounds like the perfect spot to take outfit photos :) I love the floral crown, I've always wanted to try a floral crown but I just can't seem to find the perfect fit for my big head haha

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  23. I was reflecting on similar thoughts this afternoon, just taking time out to read alone in the park. I think life is made of those precious moments of peace. Even peace by a busy airport!
    You look so beautiful, and those boots and that pendant are amazing. They really suit you.

  24. Marisa I LOVE all the diff angle shots you thought to get here of your dainty little outfit. great idea pairing denimn w/ that sweet pink dress. florida really looks like a dream paradise, glad you had a great trip there!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  25. Beautiful colours!


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