Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now and Then

Skirt (Dress) & Brooch: Vintage // Thrifted
Hat: Borrowed from the Mr.
Top: Modcloth
Shoes: Seychelles

Oh hello there darlings, 

I'm finally back to my home front and getting settled once again into this glorious little thing called a daily routine...trust me, I couldn't be happier!  Living out of a suitcase is not necessarily ideal especially when you are 33 weeks along - but no complaints here, it's always nice to get out of town if just for a bit and visit family and the hometown, and the city of Philly of course.

So now that I am home and kicking my feet back is in order, I'd still say I'm doing a good job of making my closet work for me during this pregnancy.  To date, I only purchased 3 maternity pieces from Asos - which were on sale - not really because I needed them, but because I thought they were especially adorable.  Vintage pieces like this little tent shaped sundress are really where it's at.  This time around, I'm very thankful to be carrying mostly in my belly (and boobs) and not my whole body like my last pregnancy.  Truth be told though, I am eating much healthier now - a lot of fruits and veggies in contrast to the Dunkin Donuts and mocha frappuccinos which I pretty much so ate five days a week while carrying Keane....haha.  My my how things change when you are a few years older :-).

So that's about it.  If you are here on the middle east coast like me, keep warm and cuddly and survive this cold front we are having.  30 - some degrees and freeze warnings?  Spring, where did you go?  Cheers to hot tea and tights and blankets.

Love bunches, 


  1. ilovethis! Especially the 1st photo

  2. YAY for the healthy eating.

    Loving this outfit. Might be one of my favorites of your to date.

  3. You are the cutest! I love how playful this outfit is. :) I love getting back to my routines, too. I just got back from being out of town last night and it's such a nice feeling to be home.

    xox Sammi

  4. You look so adorable! That dress is just perfect - and I love how you paired your striped shirt with it!

    Glad to hear that things are well!


  5. This is such a wonderful look Marissa! I am so impressed you've only bought 3 things, that's amazing, good for you!! I am loving this dress, it's really lovely with the tee over it. And that shot of your shoes is fantastic, love everything! I bet you have way more energy eating healthy like that too :)

  6. i love eating healty <3
    you look super stunning <3 aw your skirt !


  7. I'm glad to hear you are home and enjoying your time being back. Also, this skirt is so pretty!!!! I really like it a lot!! Nice.

  8. Ahhh you look really adorable!!

  9. Great print mixing!

  10. Awh, your little bump is just a poppin'! Too darling, Marisa <3

  11. Aw, spring really did abandon you :( I'm currently sweating in a sweatshirt that i'm too lazy to take off (not to put salt in your wounds, haha). And that's awesome you didn't even have to change your wardrobe! That dress is particularly adorable, and I like the pattern mixing in this outfit :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. I love that you're making your wardrobe work during pregnancy. I definitely want to do that too! I can't believe you're having a cold snap. We are currently experiencing a heat wave. It's been 104 for the last few days :(



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. aren't you cute! Lucky you, I was waaay out of heels by the sixth month and by my last month I was down to one pair of boots!

  14. Totally agree that sometimes there is nothing better than to have some routine! When I was in the US I slept for the first time in years in the same bed for six weeks in a row! That was so good!
    Its really great that you can do without buying a bunch of maternity clothes! I hope it will be the same for me, when its time... :)
    You look adorable and I love the picutres! Very artistic :)

  15. you're looking beautiful as ever, and it's lovely how you haven't had to change your wardrobe:-) i love the back of that top! and i've been wondering where spring went as well, it's so rainy&cool around here.. xx

  16. You look so adorable - and these photos with your reflection in the water - beautiful! You should be getting a package from me this week! :) We are lucky here in MN to be having a warm spell - 95 yesterday! It's been amazing! I cannot wait to lounge barefoot this weekend and just soak in the sun! Sending you love and sunshine!

  17. I totally adore your pregnancy outfits! How grat that you haven't had to buy much maternity clothing. Love love love! And those heels!!!! SO cute

  18. congrats on eating healthy! i love love the detailing on the skirt here, it's so cute!

    lindsey louise


  19. Lovely lovely! The location is so cool. Really like the shots of the reflection :)

  20. I love this so much! It looks so comfy but super stylish. I was thinking how much I loved your striped top with the dress and then you turned around and the top is even cuter! That's great that you really made your closet work for you. You have the best locations for your photos too. I can't believe you are in a cold spell- that is crazy for May. Stay warm!

  21. It's so great that you have so many vintage dresses that work for pregnancy! This one is fantastic and I just adore how the knotted T-shirt looks over it. Such a great stylish, but comfortable touch!

  22. I love your shoe collection so much! And this dress looks wonderful on you. Love the layering too!

  23. The photo with the reflection of your shoes in the water is amazing! Hope I look as cute as you when Im carrying a little one

  24. Perfect shots of you and my favourite with your reflection. It's nice to get away, but yes, living out of a suitcase is not the most fun, especially after more than a week. I know! Wonderful dose of colour and printed mix in your outfit! Enjoy your weekend. :-) xo/Madison

  25. I particularly love this outfit ;). And now I'm totally craving doughnuts, hehe.

    Hope it's way warmer now! We're with the AC full blast right now; it's so hot!

  26. it's cold over here too... no fair! You look fantastic, well done for wearing heels too, they look rather comfy though. I always like a pattern clash and this is fantastic! xxx


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