Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Le Famille Nautique

Dress: Swapped via Jacqueline
Scarf, Bag, Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: UO
Shirt: Target

Hello there darlings!  This is just a quick little pop in today as internet is slow as a tortoise right now.  

Oh boy baby, I'm sittin pretty here at 32 weeks and really feeling like the last leg of this marathon is the toughest.  Right now I am back in Philly as the Mr. is in business meetings and ice cubes and HGTV are the things that are making me feel comforted right now...hehe.  But when we are back home... sunny days and warm weather have finally made it to where we live and enjoying little lakeside strolls and dinners on the lake as the sun sets have been quite the charm.   Soon enough we'll be welcoming our 2nd little guy into the world and I still have to pinch myself as I type that out.   I cannot wait!

That's just about all for now.  I look forward to catching up with you once I am back home and settled cozily on my little couch.  Hope your week is as gorgeous as ever!

Love Bunches, 


  1. You guys are so sweet! Ohhh, sounds lovely, you are doing so well! Tough it our Mama! I wish you all the best and a smooth time about it! :) You look so cute! Love Zoë xxx

  2. aww your lakeside strolls look gorgeous, I really wish I lived near a lake! I'm loving those yellow sandals too xx

  3. Your photos are so beautiful! I love the lighting

  4. You're so sweet! Sorry to hear that the last weeks of your pregnancy are a bit tough. Not long anymore. Can't wait to see the photos of your new little one!

    And of course you look absolutely lovely. As always :) xx

  5. You are seriously just the cutest pregnant women (and just women in general) I've ever seen, Marisa! I love the stripes on you! And thee shoes are fantastic, especially the color. I can't wait to "meet" your newest little boy in a couple of months!

  6. You are looking so fantastic!!! Your little belly is absolutely gorgeous, perfect in this nautical themed outfit. The striped dress and denim are great together, and I think I'm going to have to recreate it :) These photos are so wonderful!!

  7. Aw I love how the lot of you are wearing stripes- I'm so excited to see how you dress this little baby boy :)

    And your maternity wear has been amazing, I love how you can make everything work. Hope you're staying comfy!!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. beautiful look darling your bag is perfect for Spring weather can't wait to see baby pics when he/she comes along!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  9. great pics!
    you and your family look so cheerfull and beautiful!

  10. I adore this outfit of yours, the dress is so, so pretty and I love how your baby belly is growing. So nice to see! You and your little one are also really cute together!

    Have a great day,

  11. i love how you're dressed as a wee sailor family with all the stripes and colours! and your necklace is the prettiest:-) also, it feels like your pregnancy has gone really quickly! xx

  12. Such a cute outift & bump <3

    Zoe x

  13. I love this little primary hued nautical look! Those thrifted yellow sandals are adorable and the necklace is SO cute! I hope you're getting some rest and enjoying your HGTV :)
    xo Hannah

  14. You look so darling, Marisa! I love how chic yet perfect this is for a beach stroll. I was planning to click over to wherever you got your sandals and buy a pair, but alas, they were thrifted. Good score! :) I'm so excited for you to meet your new lil man soon!

  15. What a beautiful growing family ! Your son is beautiful !

  16. I seriously can't get enough of your cuteness. I love your nautical inspired outfit and your son is such a cutie! It's crazy to think you'll have two gorgeous boys in just a few weeks ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  17. i am in love with your shoes! gosh, can i just jump to your location of your photographs right now?!

    lindsey louise

  18. Hi!
    You are so cute!
    I love border too.


  19. gah your outfit is so cute! You've the best maternity style!

  20. That scarf on our head is so pretty! The inspiration to wear head accessories is something I got from you :) these pictures look straight out of a monet painting...and you look happy and glowing as ever! Good luck for the second gorgeous boy..


  21. Awww Marisa you look so cute with your pretty outfit and that lovely baby bump :)
    Wish you all the best dear! xx Tani

  22. I love such places so so much <3 The weather and sun are just fantastic <3
    You look stunning, lovely :) And your dress is perfect :)

  23. Une famille nautique tellement chic! Wonderful pictures and beautiful sailor- outfit :)
    I am back in Germany :)
    Happy Weekend!

  24. you're looking great! The weather looks gorgeous and the beach looks really tranquil! Our weather's rubbish now, so I'm jealous of your stroll in the sunshine... and your stunning yellow sandals! xxx

  25. You're such a stylish mother to be, I love the dress, knits are such wonderful choices for any season,especially spring/summer. Enjoy your weekend!

  26. Your shoes are so freakin' cute! I want them!

  27. these pictures make me so happy! you look great!

  28. You are sooo adorable!!! Eee I love love love those heels, this dress, and Keane running alongside you. I am so excited for your next little one too - I bet you are getting excited too!


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