Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites // October Edition

Hello again, 

It's the end of the month, so I am back with my Friday Favorites along with a couple of my lovely sponsors and all the things that have put that little sparkle in our eyes for the month of October.


Uh these fawn and mushroom print tights...I don't think I need to explain.  Can I just tell you how bad I would love a pair of these in my drawer of tights?

Keeping with the animal theme, because we all love cute little critters, don't we?  I just adore this little fox pullover.  What I would give to stumble across a similar one of these at the thrift store.  Until then, this little number will be keeping me quite dreamy-eyed.

Ok, so I know we've seen a ton of Alice in Wonderland inspired costumes and even clothing in the past couple years, but this little gal's Alice number just tugged at my heartstrings and I couldn't help but just totally be thrown into swoon-mode by it.  If I ever have a little girl of my own, this homemade costume will be on the top of my list for her.  Cute, cute, cute.

Every year for Halloween my grandparents would buy loads of Halloween candy, then my dear grandfather would sit at the dining room table and make little baggies of it for all the trick-or-treaters that would come by.  I always thought it was pretty cool that he gave out quite the assortment of Hershey minis, sweet tarts, mini snickers and so on, unlike the other houses which only gave out one kind.  Year after year, I would sit with him and help him make the baggies, so naturally stumbling across this creative way of making them got me all kinds of excited and brought back many sweet memories.  


Lately I have been loving anything with pumpkin, especially this recipe

I made these whoopie pies last weekend and they were out of this world. I even roasted the pumpkin from scratch. (patting myself on the back). Pumpkins are what fall is all about



I am loving these vintage plates with anatomical skulls fired onto them. They would be awesome to use for your seasonal place settings on your dining table or for a Halloween themed dinner party! I think its such a neat idea! Why didn't I think of that?!


Thanks for reading along with us today.  What are some things that are currently tickling your fancy?  Happy Friday Darlings!

Love Bunches, 


  1. Love the tights and the animal jumper, ahhhhhhhhhhh You know by now how I feel about animals in print: pure love.
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Marisa.

  2. Those printed tights are soooo cute, I want them! And that is by far the cutest Alice in wonderland costume in the world!!

  3. i want to make those whoopie pies!!!!!!!! we're having some friends over for scary movies & beers on saturday, i think i'll do it then! also, that little fox pullover is so cute :) thank you for sharing these sweet little finds today, friend. xoxo

  4. So many cute things! I am pretty sure i clicked all the links haha. That fox sweater is TOO adorable and that alice costume... I want to be that even as an adult haha! Happy friday! :)
    xo Hannah

  5. Those tights are so so sooo adorable, the colour and everything!
    The glove-bag is also SUCH a sick idea, makes me really miss trick or treating :( And that plate, ouu so perfect and lovely!


  6. What a great selection! My very favorite are the tights *sigh*.

    Have a great weekend! ;D And have fun at the wedding!


  7. Those tights are pretty sweet <3


  8. I too love that Alice in Wonderland costume, it's the most charming take on Alice that I've seen!

    Also, that is so cute that your grandfather took the time to make little baggies and an assortment for trick or treaters!

  9. Oh ! I looove those tights !!!

  10. Those tights look like they were made for you.

  11. always keep your beautiful imagination and exquisite humor xx

  12. those skull plates are the best. Although so are the tights! and the little surgical gloves full of candy - it's all brilliant!
    I need those tights - and the jumper ASAP xxxx

  13. all of this is fantastic! that alice costume is so great! if I ever have a little girl I am going to persuade her to wear this! haha

  14. Oh my goodness I NEED those tights and that sweater! So much goodness!

  15. Those tights are seriously amazing!!


  16. I love this post, cute and yummy! x

  17. The tights are so adorable! So many cute things :) Thanks for sharing xox


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