Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest Blogger: Give Me Bows

Hi lovely Shades of Monet readers!
My name is Elyse and I write a little blog called Give Me Bows. I am so excited to do a guest post for the super-sweet-and-oh-so-stylish Marisa while she settles into her new home. I have been very fortunate to make (online) friends with Marisa over the past few months, and we definitely have a mutual obsession with vintage clothing, floral prints and dresses!

This is an outfit I wore to brunch on the weekend. We go to brunch every single Sunday at one of our local cafes to enjoy a lonnngggg breakfast with lots of coffee and magazines - it's so refreshing, and the perfect excuse to get dolled up! Although it can be really tempting to stay in my comfortably pajamas all weekend long, I really do find that I have a much better attitude towards the day, and I am way more productive, when I take the time each morning to put on an outfit I enjoy and feel comfortable in. 

Besides, life is too short and every day is precious, that is definitely a good enough excuse by itself to wear something you love! I don't think it should matter whether you have a special occasion or you are just lounging around the house. Wishing you all a lovely day x

Elyse xxx
Give Me Bows

Thank you so much sweet Elyse, for filling in the gap here for me on Shades of Monet while I continue to unpack my little heart out.  Please be sure to have a look around her oh so perfectly pretty blog, Give Me are sure to swoon over her dreamy collection of dresses just like I do:)

Happy first of December darlings...I bid you a sweet night!
Love bunches, 


  1. nice blogger guest, marisa. she's so cute :))

  2. that's a really pretty dress! love the print of it!

  3. Oh, beautiful per usual Elyse! And Marisa: wonderful choice in a guest blogger! xx

  4. Awww loved this! Great to meet Elyse!

  5. Nice dress. Thanks for sharing, visit my blog sometimes =)

  6. Such a sweet, pretty floral dress. Great guest post!

  7. Yay, what an awesome guest post. :)

    I have always found Elyse so cute, and read her blog often.

    The Cat Hag

  8. the print of the dress is gorgeous! What a fabulous guest blogger <3

  9. What a sweet style ! Little Alive in Wonderland !!!

  10. AH. You are SO ADORABLE. I love this look. It is so flirty and feminine and I LOVE IT. You are such a doll. Really. Whenever I come to your blog, I just want to shrink you and dress you up in little clothes.

    That sounds creepy.

    I should go...

  11. Great job here. i love it all.

  12. oh marisa i have to repeat i really love that you feature those cute and chic guest bloggers now in your blog. it´s always a pleasure to get to know to new faces in bloggerworld;) especially with such a good taste! supercute outfit!
    love and kiss,mary

  13. I love the floral dress! You look so gorgeous in floral prints. Wear this all the time.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. what a lovely idea to get dressed up for brunch once a week! - I'm going to have to steal that habit for myself!


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