Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guest Blogger: Streets & Stripes

Hey ladies! 
It's Chaucee here from Streets & Stripes. Marisa asked me to do a small post while she's off getting ready for her big move! So I thought I'd share a little peak into my life.

I'm a fourth year University student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm a photographer at heart and I love learning about culture and the arts. I also keep a little blog that started off as a personal style journey but ended up being a mish mosh of inspiration, daily life, with a sprinkling of outfit pictures all throughout.

As for my outfit today, I got the skirt at a thrift store, the shoes at a store in Jerusalem, Israel, and the cardigan from H&M and the top from Gap! I've been wearing a lot of muted colors lately which I think is a reflection of the balancing out of my life. I've done a lot of changing and stretching this past year while I was abroad for 8 months, and its shaped me and molded me in more ways than one. With personal style being one of them! So my question to you is, how have you seen your personal style influenced through your emotional times in life?

Thanks so much Chaucee, for filling my shoes today while I am off in the land of boxes sorting, unpacking, and nesting in my new abode.  For anyone who hasn't visited Chaucee's loverly blog Streets & Stripes...head on over and get your fill of some of her gorgeous photography as well as plenty of perfectly pretty style files to tickle your fashion fancy.  She is one of my nearest dearest blogger friends and is simply as sweet as pie.  

Wishing you darlings a splendiferous weekend!
See you on Monday.


  1. What a cute skirt! Looks great on you :) -akiko

  2. she's sweet, it's a lovely skirt !

  3. the detail on the skirt is AWESOME <3

  4. you look great. i love your skirt :) and good luck for the big move, Marisa. i miss your post :)

  5. "Spelndiferous" - I LOVEEEE THAT WORD! hahaha. It made me giggle, but it's also incredibly awesome!


    And yeahhh! Great guest post! Such an adorable skirt; the little flower detailing is wayy to freaking cuuhuttee.

  6. I haven't seen her blog before but it's very cute!

  7. You're super cute! I'm running over to your blog PRONOTO!


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