Sunday, July 31, 2011


Happy Anniversary dear Albert.
Seven years ago today I married my soulmate and best friend.
It's been quite an adventure full of many twists and turns, and I simply would not have it any other way.
Thanks for all your love and for always having the biggest heart.
In your company, I couldn't be a happier girl.
I am truly blessed.
After all, you never forget to pour me honey in my tea.
Here's to a life full of laughter and many more Starbucks in the snow.
Love bunches,



  1. Happy anniversary you guys!!!

    Marriage is the most amazing and the most challenging experience in our lives and I'm so happy for both of you you seem to be having so much fun along the way :)

    I wish you a lifetime of happiness and bliss!


    Virginie ♥

  2. goodness, you two are so cute.
    happy anniversary!!
    seven years is a long time.. :P i am only at 3 soon..!
    (but the hubs and i did date for 7 i count that..haha. ;P )
    have a wonderful upcoming week love.

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful couple you are together! How special to have been married for seven years, and I wish you both so many more lovely years together. I can see how much you two truly love eachother in all of these pictures❤

  4. This is soooooooo sweet! Awww congratulations to both of you :) It is our 7 year anniversary this year too! Except dating, not marriage (yet) hehe xxx

  5. happy anniversary :D you guys are seriously the cutest couple and look so happy together! xx

  6. aww this is such a cute and sweet post! congrats you two :) happy anniversary. Here's to many more!


  7. seems it's too late to say'happy annyversary' ! you both look great couple..

  8. What a beautiful post! Congratulations on your 7 years as a married couple :) I am a few months away from 2!

  9. happy seven years to you both! i've been together with my boyfriend for seven years - i can't wait till the next stage :)

  10. happy (belated) anniversary you two darling loves!!! what a cute collection of snaps ringing in this milestone of a marker in your lives. i love looking back and seeing the changes along the way. many blessings!

    and Marisa, you are so rad, always sporting a pretty hair accessory of some sort. total signature style and adored. ♥

  11. Awww you are such a lovely sweet couple ! You both are looking so happy ! Best wishes ! xoxo

  12. dear friend, i have been creepin on your blog for a little minute here and you are truly fantastic at this; words love you and your clothes inspire me so! i really love knowing you :)


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