Thursday, July 28, 2011

Piers and Years

Sunny afternoons by the water with my love in hand put me in the most chipper of moods.

Outfit Details: Dress (skirt): Vintage/Cardi: Consigned/Headband: DIY/Handbag: Grandmother's/Shoes (old): Dolce Vita






Last Saturday was another lovely afternoon spent in Philly with Albert at Penn's Landing.  It's the perfect little spot to walk around by the waterside under the summer sun.  We stopped at a little stand to get pina coladas to cool off, and while we were waiting,  a man approached us (you can see him walking towards Albert in the photo above) and asked if we were newlyweds.  How sweet I thought.  I chuckled then proudly replied back, "we will be celebrating our 7th year wedding anniversary at the end of this month".  As I said those words, I found that statement so hard to believe.  Where has the time gone?!  It feels like yesterday that we were in our final semester in college sitting next to one another in class passing stupid little notes, "what's your favorite band" (yes, we are dorks like that).  Anyways, I guess time flies when you are having fun with your best friend.  Not to sound all gushy, it hasn't always been easy but it's been an adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Have the most lovely weekend darlings!



  1. How sweet you look in this maxi dress and floral headpiece!... And not to mention that is so amazing that you'll soon be celebrating your seventh wedding anniversary... Congrats! ❤

  2. Beautiful photos and outfit! i love your dress! =)

  3. You look gorgeous my dear, that skirt as a dress is divine and I love your flower crown! You and your hubby are still so young looking so I guess that's why people might think that :p xx

  4. lovely pictures.. looks like a great day!

  5. your dress is beautiful, and i love that headpiece! yay for 7 years! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. you look so pretty and love the white maxi dress!

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  7. your dress/skirt is lovely:) and all the little notes and stuff sound so cute! x

  8. congrats on 7 years!! what an amazing testimony.

  9. 7 years? waw, congratulation, marisa! i'm happy for you :)
    i always love how u look in your pictures. so beautiful and natural. i adore your shoes! so vintage :)

  10. ah i adore this outfit. so cute. and i can easily believe that you two might look like a newlywed couple... but congrats on 7 years! that's beautiful. :)


  11. Your pictures are always beautiful.
    You look so cute in this dress, and in the first picture you realy look like a model.

  12. ohhh that is too sweet, it's quite an incredible achievement :) Love how you've styled the skirt as a dress, it looks lovely on you <3

  13. You have seriously been posting the best summer photoshoots. I'm so inspired by your outfits and photos! That dress looks stunning on you :)

  14. Hey Love,

    Thanks for joining my giveaway. ♥

    And I have to say that with each entry you post, I fall more in love with you, you are just the sweetest most incredible dresser and all-round fabulous person. :)

    If we lived in the same place, I definitely give you a big hug the moment we meet!

    I love your head accessories, they are so cute! Will you ever make them to sell? Cos I will definitely buy them. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag
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  15. awww you look adorable !!!! love those photos ! looks like a fantastic afternoon !!! xoxo

  16. you look as darling as ever, Marisa :)

    well.. perhaps because your white maxi dress reminds him of a wedding dress! (it sure does for me)
    7 years! That's a good number ;)


  17. I love this whole look! The maxi dress, the stripes, the flowers. So perfect for the summer and adventures. And congratulations on 7 years! That is just the best news :-)

  18. You look gorgeous !! Amazing photos!!

  19. what is that crazy cool foot contraption you've got going on?! i LOVE it! and i also love that particular shade of blue with red, one of the best put-togethers ever. so nautical, totally candy sweet and the flower crown just makes me wanna toss some confetti right now!

    i can see why this day had you at hello. and awe, newlyweds in your heart hey?! love that, so sweet. happy weekend Marisa, i'll be sending you something along by Sunday. xoox ♥

  20. 7 years, congrats!! ;) I love your dress and those flowers in your hair ;)
    xx Luna

  21. thank you for your lovely comment!
    i follow you back!!!

  22. Really beautiful pics ! Nice to discover your blog and your style !

  23. great photos, so lovely:)
    follow my blog from Poland:)

  24. I find it so cute that you're wearing a nautical inspired outfit and youre down by the water! Looking lovely x

  25. Nice outfit!

  26. Congratulations on 7 years of marriage! How wonderful. My husband and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage this year and it has definitely flown by as well!

  27. Beautiful pictures and completely drawn to the ankle/foot jewellery you have on!!

  28. aksdjlajdlkjslajkldjalsd. Your posts make me gush so hard it's RIDICULOUS. I love it. You guys are so cute. Can you two please make a vlog? It would be totally swoon-worthy.

    And you look gorgeous, as always! Perfect location for a nautical striped cardigan. Adooore.

  29. i think to be 7 years in and still so in love is such a beautiful thing :) congrats to you and your best friend/hubby!

  30. That head pieces is simply gorgeous Marisa Noelle! This look is so beautiful and light.

    This story is SO sweet and not only because of the pina coladas!

    Virginie ♥


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