Monday, May 2, 2011


Noun: An excessively cheerful or optimistic person.

DSC01805 copy1.jpg





Outfit Details:
Dress, shoes, necklace: Urban Outfitters
Blouse, shoe clips: Modcloth
Headband: Lulus
Ring: Miss Selfridge


For some odd reason I felt like Pollyanna in this outfit today (though I'm sure Pollyanna never wore green socks). Perhaps it was the puffy shirt. Nonetheless, I was reminded of my dreaded bus ride to school in 6th grade. Way back then, somehow we had to sit three kids to a seat because the route was overcrowded. I can't imagine that ever being allowed to happen now. Can we say, "lawsuit"? Anyhow I was assigned to a seat with an 8th grade boy who was your typical meathead jock, and a snooty 6th grade girl who thought she was the bees knees. On a daily basis they would make fun of me and my nerdy self by telling me that I had to pay them if I wanted to sit in the seat with them, laughing relentlessly. I was too shy to stand up for myself or say anything mean or witty back so I would purposely miss the bus so my mom had to take me to school. day I actually had the cojones to tell the bus driver what was going on and (yay!!!) she moved my seat and reprimanded them. Haha. As I was walking to my new seat the 8th grade boy said aloud, "that's Pollyanna over there". Funny, I guess I didn't think it was much of an insult. I turned around, smiled and said, "So? I like Pollyanna".

Here's to an excessively cheerful and optimistic Monday darlings!



  1. polyanna ROCKS. so there middle schoolers.
    and you look adorable! I love the yellow.

  2. You are amazing at wearing bright colors,they are made for you!

  3. oh i love your yellow dress!!! and bow headband looks so adorable

  4. Your blog just makes me happy! You always look so whimsical and lovely-such an inspiration!

  5. i love your yellowy dress!

    so glad we are not in school anymore
    school can be brutal sometimes!


    want to follow each other and exchange link? ;)

  6. Death to mean kids! Okay not really, but let's just say I've been there. ;-)

    I just watched Pollyanna yesterday! What a coincidence! I love you in yellow, Marisa. So gorgeous.

  7. oh man, kids are so cruel. i H A T E D middle school. i was made fun of SO much bc i was overweight. thank goodness i didnt have to ride the bus though.

    i love when you wear yellow. it is so beautiful on you.
    seriously marisa. the last picture is so adorable. your little man is to cute for words.
    have a wonderful week love..
    <3 ya..xoox

    ps. i got your email. i L O V E everything about it.
    i will email you if i have any problems and let you know when i will post it. thank you again. ;)

  8. stunning outfit my dear love the socks! :) x

  9. You truly are a pollyanna! I love these photos so much. You look stunning in bright colors. I love this story about the bus. Not for the fact that you got made fun of me (I dont like that at all!..jerks!) but the fact that you said that to that boy. He had no idea that what he said to you was a huge compliment. You are a doll and so so beautiful. xoxo

  10. I remember our over crowded bus as well. Kids sittin in the aisles! I wonder where those two kids are now.... Probably not bein nearly as cute as you are!


  11. beautiful dress :D



  12. Pollyanna is the best! I used to read that book all the time when I was little. I absolutely adore this outfit.. Yellow is my favorite color so I practically need that dress. ;)

  13. Oh how I wish we had Urban Outfitters in New Zealand!!!

    You look great and yellow looks lovely on you :) I wish I had a yellow dress! I'm yet to find the right one.

  14. I love this look! You look amazingly pretty and yellow dress + green socks seems one of the best combos ever!


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