Saturday, May 28, 2011


"Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love."
- Albert Einstien





Outfit Details:
Dress (on sale), Hat: UO
Belt: Red scarf and brooch (gift from sister)
Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet: Vintage - gift from Mother-in-law
Shoes: Modcloth


I had the pleasure of spending this Memorial Day weekend with my family in Philly and a very special Saturday afternoon in the quaint little town of Wayne with my hubby. The scent of nostalgia was in the air as these were our old stomping grounds while in our final semester at college when we first befriended one another. We revisited the Starbucks where we first went out alone together and the little bridge we crossed at a nearby train station during a walk through the winter snow. As the snow fell upon us, we fell in love that night. I was engaged to someone else, but it became more than clear to me that I could not go back, I could not be without him. So in a nutshell, that is how the love story of my hubby and I began in February of 2003. I savored every moment this afternoon as we walked again in our very own footsteps from that time.

With that little tidbit, I wish all you darlings who are in the States, a very happy Memorial Day. Happy Monday to everyone else:)



  1. Oh! I have that dress! $5 on sale at UO? With the little vest-ette? It's so darling. It looks better on you though, very cute! The tracks are a nice touch.. :)

  2. Lovely pictures! This dress is so cute, especially with the bow in the back! And the shoes! Have I left anything out? Super duper cute over all! :) x

  3. Just realized that I wasn't following you yet...I am now though :)

  4. cute
    ilove the details
    i have been wanting to get a necklace like yours

  5. Lovely outfit! and the accessories compliment it very nicely.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    Andrea (new follower)

  6. i love your dress <3
    looks good on you :D


  7. !! I love all the little hints of teal throughout this outfit! Definitely a different take on the regular red, white and blue for memorial day!

  8. Adorable, as always!! :)


  9. Oh, I love Albert Einstein's quotes. He was a wise man. That picture on the bridge is just stunning!

  10. Aww how sweet :) It's nice going back to places that hold so many memories! I love your dress and the socks go so well too. xx

  11. this is a beautiful outfit! so fun and put together. lovely. :) the first photo is perfect, to boot.

  12. ahhh..that is so romantic! ;)
    so glad you two found each other.
    you are to cute for words Mrs. Marisa.
    i love everything about this look. (esp those socks!!!)
    i know i say this a lot..but prepare for me to say it for a loong time... we must meet each one day...!! :P
    have a wonderful upcoming week love.

  13. Aww, that's so sweet that you got to revisit some of the special places from the early days in your relationship!
    That dress is so lovely on you, and your hat is the perfect summer accessory :)

  14. swoooooooooooon. love the wholw hing ,great dress and lovely pictures. you are beautiful x
    Lydz xX

  15. you look adorable! love this outfit especially the socks with the shoes - too cute


  16. Going to places with good memories is always a wonderful thing to do!
    I really like the picture on the bridge and you hat is lovely!

  17. Such a lovely story, marissa
    And there's starbucks in it making it more adorable


  18. I love your dress and shoes! I also love bridges!

  19. Looking super cute as always! How fun to revisit the places where your relationship began. Sounds so romantic. I'd love to go back to where my relationship with my husband began, but it might be awhile as it was in London!

  20. LOVE! My favorite is the very first picture on that pretty bridge.
    :)follow me

  21. These photos are so dreamy and perfect!! I've been wanting a hat like that!! :)

  22. I love the first picture, on the bridge :O
    This outfit is very cute :)

  23. Lovely outfit, love all the little details!

  24. such pretty pictures! i love your cameo and that quote by einstein's lovely too:-)

  25. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Every comment means so much to me!

    And what a cute outfit! I love your dress with that adorable belt, and your necklace is great!!

  26. love what you did with scarf, turning it into such a darling belt! that pop of red on the purple dress is amazing!

  27. so romantic !!!!great post!!!

    xx Marina


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