Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Arms Get Cold in February Air

"Surely as cometh the Winter, I know
There are Spring violets under the snow."
- R. H. Newell

Snow is abundant these days, along with lots of frigid air and there is nothing I crave more than some warm Spring sunshine and sweet smell of flowers blooming. These cold days have left me feeling blue and moping about.. so what better than to go a bit overboard in the color department to put a little bounce in my step and keep me anticipating the arrival of the lovely Spring which is not too far off - according to Punxsutawney Phil, right?






Outfit Details:
Dress and Cardigan: Urban Outfitters - Gift from hubby
Headband: Etsy - Janelle Haskin
Jade Owl Necklace: Gift from hubby
Ring: Vintage - from Mother
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Urban Outfitters


On a sillier note: Picture taking has been such an ordeal lately for the hubster and I. Last week we nearly got ran over by the evil minivan lady, this week we got stuck in the snow after pulling off along the side of this driveway at a local tree farm. I was seriously afraid that were gonna have to call a tow truck to get our car out of this mess. Luckily after putting the pedal to the medal on numerous attempts, we got out. Then we just looked at one another and laughed and gave a high five. Yes, we are dorks like that. All this drama and adventure has me wondering what exciting little ventures or escapades all you lovelies out there go through while capturing the perfect shot???



  1. you and your 'hubster' seem like the cutest pair.. <3 i'm rather jealous!

  2. Such a cute skirt and pretty blouse. The colourful pears are so playful too! Love it :)

    Darn your outfit photo sessions have been so adventurous lately! Minivan from hell and then this! I wish I had a yarn to tell but other than muddy feet things are pretty sedate for me. Mind you we're gettng our first car soon so things might get adventurous yet :D

  3. That quote is quite appropriate right now, haha.
    Your outfit is so lovely! Your cardigan is so cute and quirky! Unfortunately, when it comes to outfit shots, I have been wimping out and just taking pictures by my house, so I'm really impressed by your determination to get wonderful outfit photos :)

  4. these pictures are gorgeous!! i love that wrap thing in your hair (:

  5. ohh im so glad u ended up getting this cardigan... i love what you paired it with..so cute!! . i wana borrow this outfit too... haha... love~ ur lil sis.

  6. that is the cutest cardigan..i just love quirky prints on clothing!

    so glad you got out of the snow..the husband would have giving me the "your in trouble" face if it was me..haha. the pictures turned out wonderful! :)

    stay warm love!<3

  7. just super beautiful like always:) I LOVE your style and the beautiful style of your photos:)


  8. I'm happy you guys have survived the picture ordeals and the results or fabulous! I love the pears on the cardigan, I find myself very drawn to fruit on my clothes. =)

  9. i adore your dress. the color is so cute! and your cardigan is adorably quirky (:

  10. I love your outfit- loads of colours like that definitely brightens up a day! The cardi is so cute and so are your shoes! :) Hope the snow starts to melt soon! xx

  11. i love the owl necklace,so cute,this is definitely the era of owls!!!!

  12. Love the outfit! That cardigan is awesome!! Ug really when will the snow be gone? At least there's the saying that if it snow on the 1st of Feb that we will have a glorious summer! Yay!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  13. An evil mini van lady? Aren't they the worst? I actually almost got ran over by one in a parking lot this week!

    I love love love your cardigan. THERE I finally said something about something other than your shoes ;)

  14. You're amazing color combos took me straight from mid-winter blues into a summer night's dream! That pear sweater is the most awesome thing I've ever witnessed, and looks great on top of the dress. Tiny buttons and little eyelet detailings?! Yes, please :D

    Kudos on not getting stuck in the snow for too long! My boyfriend and I are still petrified to go out driving anywhere, because the snow plows in our area get a D for effort. Maybe we'll get more snowy shots after the snow melts to a level of under 18''


  15. I didnt know you were heading up north this week ;) you look like your around my part of town! I never really have any adventures just coyotes or deer or moose popping up when you least expect them. When I walk in the woods I actually sing or talk loudly to myself...I may seem crazy but I want all the wild animals to know I'm coming and go away before I see them! haha

    Anyways! I love your outfit and especially that pear sweater!!


  16. I love this! A relatively Spring outfit, against the freezing cold of a winter background. Nice! And I love the little moment you had with your husband. It's moments like those that define love. :)


  17. This is my favorite outfit, Marisa! That cardigan is AMAZING, and I just might snatch it from my computer screen. Wow, I love it. As a matter of fact, I'm off to stalk it on ebay right now. Thanks for risking your life for the blog! :-)

  18. I looove this look. So feminine and playful. Your pear cardigan melts my heart. Keep up the bright colours the sun will come soon!

  19. you always inspire me with your wonderful ensembles! i am totally in love/lust with your cardy. spring is coming, even if it doesn't exactly look like it with all that snow cover. keep out the blues with those awesome punches of color lades!

    pea ess: thanks for the dear deer advice, say no to paint! check. xo ♥

  20. Great outfit - I love your quirky style like the cardi - It's lovely! And the colour of the skirt is so pretty! :)

  21. colour always cheers me up! and i think you need to scheme to get your own back on the minivan lady...


  22. Lovely cardigan with lovely colors ! You'll make the spring come !

  23. I love this outfit, the yellow skirt and quirky cardigan are perfect!
    I have to give thabks for my boyfriend as well, as we go to places to take pretty shots sometimes :) we don't have snow though.

  24. you are incredibly stylish miss.
    i love your blog! lets follow eachother.


  25. The dress and shoes have been on my "watch for clearance" list!!! But I haven't even seen the cardigan before...oh maaaaaan!!!!!! It's perrrrfect!


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