Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, Saltwater, and Hello Lyndsey

Happy Friday to all! It's 4:30 am here right now and I can't sleep so I thought I'd just pop in and tell you that I was ever so thrilled to find out that I am featured as the October Spotlight on the gorgeous blog Hello Lyndsey, before I eat my chocolate & banana cheerios, drink my coffee, and start my work day.

If your not following this girl yet, I would definitely encourage you to check her blog out as it is fun, witty, creative, and inspirational. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do, as it's one of those I fell in love with the moment I stumbled across it and became instantly hooked.

Before I go I'm leaving you with several more photos from my trip to Hilton Head. I promise this is the last of them :-)







Have a beautiful weekend! Any good plans in store? Do tell.


  1. These pics are stunning! Congrats on the feature!

  2. congrats on the feature. i love the tone of these shots.. adorable baby! weee

  3. hi there i miss u ! Marissa the photos are so beautiful , love the dreamy feeling and colors in it

    and the best is of course the photo of your baby , the eyes is breath taking

  4. I know I say it any time there is a picture of your little man on your blog but he is so adorable! It makes me smile to see such a happy family : )
    Ps - Congrats on the feature!

  5. ohhh that second pictures is mesmerizing!

  6. my love.
    you and your man created one beautiful baby!!! he is melting my heart. <3
    that second picture is beautiful!
    have a great weekend girl!!!

    ps. congrats on the feature. woohoo!

  7. I love that picture of your baby!
    His eyes are so beautiful!!
    Sigh... the beach looks so good hehe.

  8. So many things are cute in this post... sand patterns, baby blue eyes, your shadows and the photos themselves....

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  9. Aw such lovely photos!!! And as far as weekend plans, I'm going to California & turning 21! Sounds fun to me. :D

  10. congrats on the feature. So exciting. :D Your pictures are beautiful!

    Plan on going haunted housing this weekend for a friends bday - woohoo! hehe :) Hope your weekend is going well.

  11. what a gorgeous baby ! The photos are great !

  12. Your baby is adorable! Congratulations! Love your outfit.


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