Thursday, October 7, 2010

Asleep on a Sunbeam

To my surprise - one thing about being on vacation is that is has given me a little unexpected free time to blog. I just love when things don't move at such a fast pace. Not such the case in my normal day to day life, but here at the beach I have been enjoying every moment I can at a snail's speed. It's just perfect this week.

In lieu of Gee's guest post yesterday, I too wanted to do a post inspired by a song. Asleep on a Sunbeam by Belle & Sebastian just seem to fit perfect as that song evokes quite of feeling of warmth, beauty, yearning, and passion. It makes me think of the beach - the rhythmic crash of the waves, the warm sand, and the clear blue sky. I long to slow down and take in all this beauty.



"Think about a new destination
If you think you need inspiration
Roll out the map and mark it with a pin
I will follow every direction
Just lace up your shoes while I’m fetching a sleeping bag, a tent...
Another summer’s passing by
All I need is somewhere I feel the grass beneath my feet
A walk on sand, a fire I can warm my hands
My joy will be complete"



Outfit Details:
Top: Borrowed from sister
Dress: Darling by Asos
Headband: Modcloth


  1. These pictures are so great! A beach trip in October would be the perfect getaway : ) I'm glad baby is enjoying his first time at the beach! :D

    Glad to hear things are slowing down : ) I find that I have more time to blog on vacations too. Funny how those things work out haha.

  2. i am very jealous that you are at the beach.
    i love these photos. so beautiful.
    enjoy your vacation and your wonderful lil family!

  3. such beautiful photos!! i love the flower in your hair! almost looks like summer, i miss it. winters too soon... :( xxxx

  4. What a pretty dress! And I love your flower headband :)
    Glad to hear your getting some time to relax!

  5. That beach looks marvelous! Love your pretty

    Embracing Style


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