Friday, January 16, 2015

Outfits: Macaron

Hat & Bag: Thrifted, Vintage
Necklace: UO
Tights: Target
Shoes: Poetic License

So this is how I celebrated my birthday, which was two months ago, btw (notice the leaves on the trees-I cry).  Downtown Philly, a French restaurant for lunch, afternoon strolling around Rittenhouse Park, perusing the 4 story Anthropologie, and stopping off for some macarons at my very favorite little cafe.  Yes, it's rather dreamy and rather special and out of the ordinary for me as this mom spends her days in a quiet little mountainside town chasing after two boisterous little fellas, making grilled cheese sandwiches and playing superheros.  (I wouldn't change that for the world, might I add).

Anyhow, to ring in year 34 - yes, I said it...I am 34, I was rather thrilled to have recieved this swap and delight of a dress from The Soubrette Brunette, herself.  I'm naturally drawn to bright cheery colors so this was the dress to celebrate in.  Fancy that it matched my chocolate earl grey macaron too.  Yum!

So that's just that.  The weekend is here and I have a little DIY project up my sleeve.  Perhaps I'll share it with you, as long as no one loses an eye...ha.

Happy Friday darlings!
Love Bunches, 


  1. Happy way belated birthday :) My little sis is 34 (yes that means I'm older, yikes!) and she lives in the country with 2 little boys too. You guys would probably have a lot to talk about! :) I love the layers and how cute the turtleneck looks. I have never thought about getting one, but this is making me want to keep on the lookout next time I'm thrifting!

  2. Wow and wow again! I have to say that you just look so glowing, young, fresh and stunning and I actually never thought you were 34! Dont take this the bad way, its supposed to be a compliment :)! You are just the cutest 34 year old Ive ever seen! Anyway, your birthday-day seems to have been a good one and I love your little birthday dress. I was surprised first, when I saw the pictures with the leaves on the trees... but then I read the text and understood ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love the color combination. It feels so you for a birthday celebration :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  4. You look so pretty!

  5. sounds like you had the loveliest birthday, and indeed you should've as you deserve it! that macaron looks so delicious. and i really love the colours of the dress, so pretty! xx

  6. You look so darling in this dress (I knew you would!), and I love the tights and shoes you chose! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday (and excuse me, chocolate earl grey macarons?!!!). <3

    xox Sammi

  7. Ah 34 is my next one too! I did think you were younger but the fact that you're a thirty-something mum of 2 means I can relate to you even more now! Love the colours in the dress xxx

  8. You look MAGICAL.


    Also, chocolate. earl grey. macaron?! Oh lordy.

  9. Love this dress and how you made it your own but my favorite part is how your shoes and dessert match! Too cute.

  10. Sounds like a really lovely way to spend a birthday, and I love how colorful your outfit is. I personally do not like much color in my own wardrobe, but I love seeing it on other people! Happy late birthday!

    Rae | love from berlin

  11. This outfit is so vibrant and beautiful, and the backdrop is perfect! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday, happy belated!!! <3

    xo, Serli

  12. Hello my pretty friend. Happy belated birthday to you. It sounds and looks like it was a great day!

  13. This plaid dress is gorgeous on you! I remember Sammi wearing it and I love how you layered it up for the cool weather. The yellow tights and turtleneck are very cute with it.

    Jamie |

  14. Happy belated 34th birthday to you! I didn't know you were older than me. I figured you were about 29 or 30 (and I am 31). I love your glasses and your shoes!

  15. These photos are so sweet :) Love the colors, and macaroons are just so pretty - perfect accessory. And y'know, I hope it's not rude to talk about age, but I thought you were like 25! I'm 27 anyway :) Getting older is awesome. Happy belated birthday!

    <3 Megan

  16. Hello Marisa! Have been following your blog for some several months now! So nice to see your posts! I happen to live in Central PA but like to visit Philly once in a while. Is the macaron from Miel Patisserie by chance? Just curious!

  17. That dress is so adorable! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday in Philly!



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