Monday, April 28, 2014

House Tour: Music Room

Hello & happy Monday darlings, 

A little while back I wrote an post on my living room inspiration and included a whole lot of pretty photos that inspired the way I decorated my own living room (SEE HERE), which in our house is actually used as a music room.  Anyhow, I thought it was about time that I actually show you how my room turned out now that it is about 95% finished.  Sure, there are definitely things I still want to do in mount holders for my ukelele and violin on the wall, add more vintage pictures to my wall collages, and replace my couches with pretty tufted ones (my current ones are hand-me-downs from my grandfather), but all in good time.  

It's been about two years since we moved into this house and little by little, I am fixing up the rooms to my own liking.  This is the first to be almost complete.  Yes, when you purchase a house, renovating and decorating can be a very long and ongoing process.  Nonetheless, I am enjoying this room to the fullest now that it has my own personal touch on it - (it had dingy sage colored walls when we moved in) and using every day to play my instruments and write music.  

What does your living room look like?  If you ever posted it, please do include your link below.  I would love to see. :-)

Until next time! 
Love Bunches, 

Room Details:
Floor Lamp, Velvet Pillows, Gauze Curtains, Polka Dot Rug: Urban Outfitters
Floral lampshade, Floral Rug, Letter D: Anthropologie
Chandelier, Floral Chair, Needlepoint Pillow, Mirror, Flower Chart, Flower Picture, Lamp Base, Floral Piano Bench: Vintage, thrifted, antique malls
Dress Form & Vintage Shakespeare Play Books: eBay
Paisley Pillow, Tree Pillow: Pier 1
Sofas, Coffee Table, Side Table: Hand me down from grandfather
Various Still Life Photographs: Cassia Beck, Etsy
Paint Color: Sprinkle by Valspar at Lowe's
Accordion & Yamaha CP70B Piano: Vintage - Craigslist, Online


  1. That chandelier in incredible! Such a find!
    Pretty Lovely

  2. I love the wood floors and beautiful turquoise color, its looks charming and calming! You did such an excellent job, can't wait to see more!
    xo Hannah

  3. Ooh I love to see around other people's homes. How lovely to have a music room. So great for children to grow up around music. We've been in our house nearly 7 years and we have only just completed some essential rennovations. I'm already planning more redecorating though, now I have a taste for it. IIt never ends. 've posted various pictures of my house I think and tagged them 'home' :) xxx

  4. What a beautiful addition to your home!! I bet the boys love hearing you play music and being able to play along with you is such an incredible memory to cherish. Kids that grow up with music, grow up with imaginations <3

  5. Oh, Marisa THIS is what I want my house to look like! I keep trying to explain it to my husband but he just loves our bare, icky colored walls and hates hanging pictures, haha. I will have to show him this! I love the picture collages and the color of your walls is so pretty. I've been trying to infuse some more vintage furniture into our home too-I love that white stand with the green drawers! Oh, I'm so glad you posted these. Gives me great inspiration!

  6. oh. my. gosh. Look at all those colors! I just LOVE it! I'm totally feeling inspired now! :)

  7. Your house is amazing! I love how you put all these lovely colors together! Stunning!

  8. Ouu wow, love the whole room but that chandelier is an especially special find!

  9. Hey... I'm moving in. Ok?! Or coming for a visit at the very least! LOVE it alllllll! My new place still doesn't feel like home (at least my part of my new place), hopefully soon and then I'll do a post.

  10. I love this and that your living room is a MUSIC room.

  11. love your music room so much,.first is the paint color (is it tiffany blue)..and the chandelier too!! absolutely amazing room!! i wish to stay in this room forever..haha

    xo josephine

  12. I love that you have a music room... I need one of those someday haha. The wall color is so happy and I love that chandelier. Looks like such a fun room to hang out in.

  13. It turned out so nicely. You couldn't help but feel happy in such a room, with all it's cheerful accoutrements. I love the colour you used on the walls.

  14. i'd love to lie on that sofa and listen to how you play <3

  15. This is so beautiful, and it's so you! That daisy chandelier is to DIE FOR.

    xox Sammi

  16. i love that you call it music room! and it really is a beautiful space, i love all the colours and quirky little details:-) so so lovely! xx

  17. This room looks so adorable *envy* Mine looks like a bunker, compared to this one! ahah
    Such lovely decor!

  18. oh wait!! You have a BLUE ACCORDION!? omg I am so lost lmao!!! I have an accordion, too! Mine is red! :D

    I've been trying to figure that out so bad but I think you told me something else on instagram! Lol!

    love, polly

  19. Oh Marisa, I am in love!!! Please come and decorate my house ;)


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