Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Outfits: Downtown Doll

rittenhouse1 Outfit Details: 
Dress: Miss Selfridge 
Coat: Target 
Blouse: Vintage, for sale here 
Hat & Bag: Vintage 
Tights: Modcloth 
Shoes: Michael Kors via Marshall's 

rittenhousehalf rittenhouse3

Hello there,

I'm back from a long weekend of Christmas tree chopping, antique mall shopping, and hopping along in the mounds of snow that got dump upon my hometown while we were there for a visit...but more on that another time.  

Anyhow, as Black Friday has come and gone - the Mr. and I spent that particular day in Philly and yanked ourselves out of bed early ... well early for us that is, and hit the city to catch a couple deals or two.  Of course, that meant making a little ol pitstop at Anthropologie - um, like my favorite one ever because it's four whole stories of Anthro gorgeousness!  Lucky for me, the whole store was 20% off including all sale items, so I snagged myself a mushroom top that I have been eyeing up for a while and some more plates to decorate my dining room wall with.  Exciting times fo sho because any other day, Anthro is way out of my tiny little clothing budget.  3 cheers to feeling like you made out like a bandit.  On a side note - I've been wearing these boots, that hat, and lugging around this purse on ye ol blog a lot lately - this is what comes from holiday travels and living out of a suitcase.  Hope you don't mind. ;-)

So that's just that.  Today is a lazy one that involves hanging ornaments and making more hot chocolate to keep my toes and noes warm in this snowy weather.  

Love Bunches, 


  1. Love the coat! x

  2. DAMN IT WITH YOUR CLOTHES. I love the hat. And the coat. And the collar. Excellent.

  3. These photos are completely magical, I just love them! Four stores of Anthropologie? Say it isn't so!


  4. Wow the Anthro stuff sounds amazing, I can never afford to shop there! Love the beret by the way, such a chic touch :) xxx

  5. Those boots are so lovely! They deserve to be worn with every outfit! You look so adorable as always! Your layering skills are amazing. I really need to work on that. I loooove Rittenhouse Square! I live only a few minutes away via bike and I'm there usually at least once a week! The area is gorgeous. Have you ever eaten at the Marathon over there? (They have a few others in the city too), it's so good!

  6. You always put clothes together so beautifully, can you come pick out clothes for me. lol i swear i never could think of these things like you do. Always fabulous lady!

  7. Oh, that collar is so precious <3 Have fun with the ornaments and hot cocoa!

  8. So beautiful, Marisa! I envy your layering skills :) Such gorgeous photos, as always.

    xox Sammi

  9. I love how perfectly your hat and coat match. You look so beautiful in them, and such lovely textures too.

    I wanted to say thanks for the thoughtful comment on my post about toys. You know they have Lego advent calendars now too? You can Christmas scenes and everything. I think they are lovely. I have a Playmobil one. I think shopping for boys seems a little less gendered because it's usually that the normal thing is for boys and then there is a 'girl' version. However I do think boys then have problems wanting to play with dolls as people really over-react as though that's shameful. And really action figures are just like dolls too, just with a different word!

  10. coat envy!!! glad you snagged some deals at anthro... they can be so overpriced, but most of their stuff is so cute! xoxo

  11. Beautiful pictures! I really love the colourful bag. :) And the boots are fab! Sometimes you can score some really great stuff at Marshall's! I have a Michael Kors trench I got there a year and a half ago that I wear all the time.
    Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. I had a bad day today, but that made me smile.


  12. Fantastic photos, and a really awesome outfit. You have a really unique sense of style, and I love it!

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  13. I sure do like your coat and beret combo! I'd love to just be able to pop into Philly for a spot of shopping. I've never been but have heard it's a great city. It looks very nice in your photos, as do you (of course)!

  14. That collar is soo sweet!

    It wouldn't happen to be a light turquoise mushroom top would it? My best friend who adores adores mushrooms has it, if that's the one :3 !


  15. you look like you were born in some fairy tale and you got lost in reality, really. magical!

  16. I really love your jacket and it always looks like you go to the coolest places. Maybe I need to come to PA more often.

  17. This outfit is so pretty! I love how you layered and that beautiful collar on your dress. I'm also quite impressed that your coat is from Target, super cute!

  18. i love the collar of your dress, so beautiful! the pictures are wonderful too:-) hooray for bargains, and a day of ornament hanging and hot chocolate sounds just perfect! xx

  19. These are such fun photos. Glad you got some good deals.

  20. yaiy, Christmas is almost come :) you look so pretty, marisa. i love the collar detail and the shirt under your dress. i hope you and family had a great december. keep yourself warm! :) xx


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