Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seven Layer Cake


Outfit Details:
Dress: Asos
Sweater: Gift from Mom
Bag & Brooch: Vintage
Ring: Miss Selfridge
Hat: Forever 21
Boots: Michael Kors via Marshall's


Here's the thing, as cold as it got last winter here on the mountainside (and by cold I mean, slap you in the face all kinds of frigid), I still saw no issue with frolicking around in heels and sweet little vintage dresses.  Truth is, when it comes to the old man winter, I live in complete denial of how cold it actually is...negative temps and all.  This year is different though.  I long to be more practical - perhaps it's because I'm carrying an infant around now, but whatever the reason I can't help but crave boots, knit hats, layers, and big sweaters...just as much as I've been craving peppermint mochas that is.  Thank you Starbucks for meeting my addictive needs.  Anyhow, I'm sure I'll still have a hankering for wearing my dainty vintage dresses despite the temp, but for now I'm happily comfy cozy and maybe even looking a bit like a bag lady in my seven layers.  Now's who ready for some hot chocolate? I sure am.  Here's to keeping plenty cozy all winter long.

And yes, I know it's not technically not winter yet...but seeing that the temperatures have plummeted, Christmas commercials have inhabited the TV, and the red cups are out and about...I'd say it pretty much looks and smells like winter to me...except on this street.  It's the single street in our town that still has leaves on the trees.  I think I'll just hang out here for awhile. :-)

Have one fine week darlings! 

Love Bunches,


  1. You are the cutest layer cake I ever did see! Winter is a tough cookie and you are piling on layers while still looking cute as a button. Something I never mastered while living in a wintery zone :) Love your detail shots!

  2. I honestly do my best to pretend like winter isn't happening, but if i freeze my ass off I need to be smarter about the cold. I love these photos so much, they are so perfectly fall. Love the coat over the floral dress!

  3. I agree with Lisa, cutest layer cake ever! I seriously love the idea of the piling on of sweaters being compared to the layers of a cake, it sure makes the cold temperatures a little sweater! I too have been giving up on heeled shoes lately and just want to be warm and comfy! You totally nailed it here!
    xo Hannah


  4. this is such nostalgic and thoughtful post <3 i totally love it <3 aw :) Lisa you are way too lovely <3

  5. Love this outfit and photos. Especially that bag. What a great colour xx

  6. I do really like your sweet cape-coat. You look great with the big boots, they really suit you. I always love the opportunities for layering up and finding ways to wear those summer dresses in comfy combos.

  7. Great coat & dress combo, and I totally hear ya on dressing more appropriately for the weather. It's kind of a fun challenge though, right? :)

    <3 Megan

  8. Those boots are magical just like you!!!! Xo Lori

  9. You look so adorable. If anyone can pull off wearing seven layers that is most definitely you.

    The Hearabouts

  10. Loving all those layers on your legs :)

  11. The leaves really hung on to the trees here this year, so I've been in denial that it is actually getting cold. But tonight I could deny no longer and busted out my winter coat for the first time.

    You look terrific in your seven layers. I especially love that lovely sweater. Your mom has good taste! xo

  12. Layerrrsss! But I think the accessories really make this outfit--I love the bow ring and the rich bright color of your bag!

  13. GORGEOUS! I love all of those layers. The art of layering is something I have not quite yet mastered. I love these shots, they make me miss my hometown!

  14. Love the bright elements! The purse is such a pretty color!

  15. these photos and your outfit are so lovely and autumny:-) i think i'm the exact opposite, and am denying the coldness even more than usual at the moment, ha! xx

  16. I feel the same- I love dresses and heels, in winter and in summer but when I am busy I need practical clothes, flat shoes so that I am not falling on my run to the grocery shop ;-) I think you look super pretty in this outfit with the boots! I also love that jacket you are wearing. I almost bought a similar last week on a flea market but then for some reason I decided not to. Now I regret.
    Have a wonderful friday and a good start in the weekend!

  17. Beautiful pictures, such a pretty setting. I just love the amazing bag in the tree. Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

  18. you are stunning and so is this outfit! I am in love with the autumn-ness of this all!!!

  19. I love Miss Selfridge, the ring is absolutely adorable, and I love your photos, they always have a vintage tone to them that's so charming. Enjoy your week. xx/Madison

  20. It finally feels like winter in California, too. It was over 90F last week but that changed earlier this week and of course, I got sick, haha; I can't handle winter :/. Good thing I'm flying to Argentina in a couple of weeks, so I'll have an extra month of summer, woohoo! :p


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