Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Stripes and White Keys

"If music be the food of love, play on."
~William Shakespeare 

Outfit Details: Blouse (dress) & Skirt: Vintage//Head Scarf & Shoes: Thrifted

town fest






Good evening darlings!
On this past Saturday, Albert and I got pleasantly acquainted with our new town during it's summer festival.  It was such a lovely experience getting to meet many of the people from the town, serving the community with some free t-shirt dyeing and face painting and playing a little music for them on the side. Though the heat was intense, it was a very busy and fun day not to mention very sweet to play under a wide open sky and between tall green mountains.  Our little band even got booked again to do another town festival (which is pretty cool, I must say)!  Some of the photos above were from our soundcheck during our acoustic version of "Starlight".  Playing music always gives me an instant high.

On a different note, Justice Pirate recently featured me on her latest Modest Fashion Feature.  This made me smile quite big as I couldn't agree more with her cause and how she promotes modesty in fashion.  Thanks also to Chaucee of The Fieldbook and Streets & Stripes, who took the photo that got featured.

That's all for now.  Have a gorgeous week!

Much Love,


  1. Good job on getting booked! Festivals are so fun. I'm so jealous of all the scarfs you put in your hair - it does not look the same when I do it! Make a tutorial for slow girls like me please.. :)

  2. Congrats on the feature!! And I'm glad the summer festival was a lot of fun : ) Those things usually are a blast.

  3. So cool! What kind of music do you guys play? I love the primary colors in this outfit. I saw a similar skirt on Etsy recently that I had to favorite!

  4. I love the unusual collar of your dress/shirt and the detailing on the bottom of your skirt. It looks like a fun carnival, does your band have any of its music online?

  5. The festival looks so cool! You guys are awesome for helping out!

    I simply adore this skirt, so so festive!

    Have a great week Marisa Noelle!

    Virginie ♥

  6. How lovely! It sounds like the perfect day ♥

  7. Do you have any links to any recordings you may have done? I'd love to hear some of your music:)

  8. I think it is one of the biggest fashion
    ever, this kind of modern fashion is affordable.

  9. you're in a band? can you be anymore cooler???

    congratz on the feature! that is another cool plus point!


  10. That skirt is so cool! Lovely! It looks like you had a great time. I wish there was a festival here so I could meet some fun people!

  11. First of all, congrats on getting booked again, that's fabulous! Second of all, I adore the idea of a modest fashion feature, it's sooo up my alley! Thirdly, you look darling, I love your outfit <3

  12. Oh wow u look so pretty!Did you record anything? you should upload it =)

  13. congratulation, marisa!! what a great achievement. so proud of u :)) you look so cute as always. i love the way you wore your skirt, so unique! and your headband is soooo cute. not to mention that you're in the band. that's called super cool! i can't play any instrument, btw, hehehe... :)

  14. I am glad to see you are settling so quickly into your pretty new town.

    And you are looking like a super stylish fashionista while doing so! :)

    Hehe, I adore the photos of you playing the keyboard, you always amaze me with how cute you are while doing anything! ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  15. What a fun day that must have been.You look great up on stage with that fab outfit...go girl!

  16. I love that skirt. Congrats on being featured.

  17. This looks like so much fun! I love all the colors. You look adorable, btw. :)

  18. i'm so lucky to have found your blog, your pictures are incredible!!! and you're in a band? how cool is that!

    jos xx

  19. the festival looks so cool!! u look so fab!! love ur dress!!

  20. It so cool that you play in a band :) I wish I knew how to play an instrument :) I would love to learn how to play piano! ^^ x Nikki

    PS: love your skirt :) The detailing at the bottom is so fun! x

  21. Aw, sounds like an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day! Congrats on the booking! You'll have to post some of your band's music :). Please!

    And you look incredible! Love the detailing along the hem of the skirt. Um, wayyyy cute!

  22. Oh, how funny...when this outfit popped up on my newsfeed I thought to myself, "why, this would be the perfect outfit to wear the the carnival!" Upon clicking on this post, I found that I was right! You look so, so lovely in this dress and I'm sure you were an absoulte hit at the festival. Outfit wise and music wise :)

  23. Marisa you're a woman of so many talents! Congratulations to you and your band. It looks like a great day and you look great as always - that skirt is so sweet.

    And it's really lovely that you already feel like a part of the community. These kinds of events are so useful for building that sense of neighbourliness so good on you for jumping right in :D

  24. What a fun colorful look!
    glad you had a good time at the fest, good luck on your next gig!

    Chic on the Cheap

  25. you look so fabulous as always!!! the blouse is really adorable and it sounds great that you got booked again!!! and the summer festival seems pretty cool!
    oh and i have to say i really love all the nice quotes you found for each post!
    love and kiss,mary

  26. Man I really want to hear you play!!! You look so relaxed up there. When will you be touring Germany/Europe!?? :)

  27. i *love* your outfit, and these pictures are amazing!! congrats on playing a festival!! i'm a musician too... what kind of music do you play (if i haven't asked you before :)


  28. That is so freakin' cool that you're in a band! You look so gorgeous, I love that picture of you looking down from the side. So pretty. And your top is darling! It's a dress? I adore wearing dresses as tops, it's like you get two pieces in one.


  29. awe love, this is great to see you in your element in every way! outdoor festivals are so much fun, i'd die to see you perform. looking all cute and retro-ed up, it'd make my day! congrats on the feature, you rock and then some. xoox ♥


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